OCZ Behemoth Gaming Mouse

Packaging & Appearance

Packaging & Appearance
The mouse comes adequately packaged in a plastic shell contained inside a cardboard box. The shell has been shaped to the contours of the mouse so should you see the mouse sitting instore you could lift it up and get a rough feel for its shape. The left section lists some of the most notable features of the mouse, with the right side orbs telling you more or less the same thing.
Front Rear
On the rear, six of the orbs are described in further detail. OCZ state a 12 month warranty on their packaging, but 2 years on their site. I'd like to think the second is true. If so the packaging should be rectified to reflect this.
You can see that the Behemoth isn't exactly your run of the mill gaming mouse. It has a very distinct shape and styling designed for the full hand to rest on it, something that either works well or is a total disaster. It is also considerably larger than most mice I have used in the past. 
Top Curves
The mouse is very much slanted top to bottom from left to right. This accommodates the way in which the hand naturally grips an object, to make it comfortable and practical during use. The OCZ Behemoth logo brightens what is predominantly a dark styling and gives the mouse an attractive finish.
On the left of the Behemoth one large side button functions as two separate buttons which make a defined noise when pressed. At either side of the button is two clear areas which act as a display for which profile is selected, either lit individually or both at the same time.
Left side Right side
Now looking at the right you can see the very distinct grooves that the 4th and 5th fingers rest upon whilst using the mouse. The fingers easily rest in these grooves but if you aren't a fan of a full hand grip they may be a little off-putting at first.
The front of the mouse is home to the left and right click mouse buttons and the scroll wheel. The scroll wheel is actually a little smaller than I would have expected and is nestled down into the body of the mouse ever so slightly.

Front view Bottom
On the bottom is the double laser sensor, a profile switch and five plastic mouse feet. Also on the bottom is the cable management system. This allows the cable to be routed either directly from the top of the mouse as is standard or from the left or right sides in two different areas. This is particularly useful for use on a small desk where the cable catches on the edge as moving it the the left or right frees the mouse from this problem.
OCZ also include a weight system with the Behemoth in which 5 small weights rest snugly inside a small compartment on the bottom of the mouse.

Weights Lights
When the mouse is plugged in it lights up the room, literally the mouse could guide you around in the dark it's that bright. Above the small DPI button on the top is three small areas that light up to indicate which DPI setting is currently in use. The button itself also lights up, so four lights in total indicate the DPI status.
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30-05-2009, 06:42:02

Pronounced - beh-heh-mah or something. Big frightening monster, beast.

Bet people call it bow-hee-muth.Quote

30-05-2009, 07:34:46

lol at Rasta...

Did you make the changes I told you about before?Quote

30-05-2009, 08:53:19

O o do u mean about not taking the pills anymore or what ?Quote

30-05-2009, 09:05:11

Nice review.I am looking for a new mouse and seeing as I am brokw this looks like it will fit the bill nicelyQuote

30-05-2009, 11:33:40

Originally Posted by name='Rastalovich'
Pronounced - beh-heh-mah or something. Big frightening monster, beast.

Bet people call it bow-hee-muth.
I pronounce it b'o muff!! Quote

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