MSI Vigor GK60 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


MSI GK60 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


With any mechanical keyboard the summing up part is easy and brief. So many keyboards utilise the Cherry MX switches that if you're not familiar with them by now you probably never will be. They are absolutely bulletproof, providing years of reliable service. What really sets them apart in our eyes in the consistency of the build quality. Typing and gaming are such muscle memory activities that the slightest change can put you completely off your stride, but with the Cherry MX switches you're guaranteed that every single keyboard you pick up that has the same type of Cherry switch inside it will type identically. Furthermore, this typing familiarity extends across the whole keyboard. The barely used home and end keys feel the same as the WASD keys which feel the same as the F keys. It's this uniformity that enables you to pick up a keyboard and get down to business with a minimum of adaption time.

This does, however, mean that reviewing them becomes a matter of the smallest details. When 95% of them are the same, it is in the smaller things that all the differences can be found, taking a product from a must buy to must avoid despite the gap between top and bottom being the smallest of perhaps any type of hardware on the market.

With the MSI Vigor GK60 these unique elements consist of the following. On the underside - normally an area that sees little attention - MSI have implemented an extra foot to help keep the Vigor GK60 locked onto your desk. We are always kind to our hardware and so rarely find any keyboards moving about, but the difference this small extra contact patch makes in terms of the force necessary to push the Vigor GK60 back on your desk is profound. Certainly if you're the type of person who constantly rages at your keyboards willingness to disappear under your display then the Vigor GK60 is worthy of serious consideration on that aspect alone. If, by some miracle, it does move the side mounted feet mean that it wont fold them over on its way backwards. Small things, but it adds up. Additionally the scalloped underside allows you to route your headset cable beneath the keyboard centrally, a boon if you've ever found the cable slipping in the heat of battle and either getting tangled up with your mouse or, worst yet, sliding across the keys and getting caught under your fingers.

On the top side the aluminium finish gives a premium look and feel, despite the actual chassis footprint being little bigger than the minimum necessary to give a full key set. Shipping the Vigor GK60 with the WASD sculpted keycaps in place demonstrates the gaming ethos behind the Vigor GK60, but it's also nice to know that regular WASD caps are included in the box. With only red lighting available the fancy lighting effects don't have anything like the punch and flash that they do on a full RGB offering, but the font choice lets plenty of light through and the aluminium back helps give the whole keyboard a lovely glow. Lastly the build quality is excellent. There is no flex at all in the chassis itself and the keycaps are thick and feel very much more premium than the Vigor GK60's price tag would lead you to expect.

If you can get over the fact that it hasn't got full RGB lighting, or perhaps would only want red anyway, the Vigor GK60 is an excellent keyboard in every regard, combining some neat design touches with robust build quality and a lovely premium look and feel when in use, and wins our OC3D Gamers Choice Award.

MSI GK60 Award  

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