Mionix NAOS 5000 Review

Testing and Conclusion

Testing and Conclusion


The vital part of any mouse is comfort. More than anything apart from the monitor and your seat it's the one thing you use most of all. As this is also a gaming mouse I shall be testing its performance in games in which accuracy and speed are vital, but also in a couple that use long sessions and so will test the comfort.

For all of the testing the mouse was run as it would be "out of the box". Although the software download is tiny and allows for incredible control, the retail package as such doesn't include it and so I have to test things as you would expect to find them.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

It wouldn't be a review of a gaming mouse, or indeed anything much, if we didn't let you know how it handles in the FPS of choice. Although Battlefield Bad Company 2 is the current darling of the online world, we have all played enough Modern Warfare to know what to expect, and I've certainly played enough to be able to detect the subtle nuances of our test mice.

With MW2 like all FPS I prefer a light mouse with high sensitivity. For this reason the weights were left out and the sensitivity set to its highest level with all three lights lit. Wow. It's FAST. In fact probably too sensitive for my skills, or lack of. Knocking the sensitivity down to the middle stage was far more comfortable for me and my muscle memory enabled me to kill people far easier than with it on it's highest setting. At this point I realised that the incredible sensitivity available on the NAOS 5000 is above what I'm used to. Without question if you like them speedy, this is the mouse for you.

With the settings on the middle the NAOS 5000 was a joy to use with the extra space available via the large ergonomic design really helping keep tight control of the mouse.

Company of Heroes Tales of Valor

Having proven the speed of the NAOS 5000 as being phenomenal, it was time to test the accuracy of selections within a more restrained atmosphere. Naturally at the crux of any major battle the gaming can be equally as frantic as any first person game, but in general a real-time strategy game is more relaxed pacing, but requiring exception precision. One miss click is a second less that you're generating resources or building something, and those quickly mount up. Miss one or two click from every 10 and before long you're very dead.

Again the NAOS 5000 proved itself worthy. The thin coating that provides excellent grip really came to the fore under these gentler conditions. Without such a huge pressure in a short match I don't grip the mouse as hard, and therefore the general grip from the mouse is more of a factor than muscle grip. There wasn't anything outstanding, nor hideous, about the NAOS 5000 and it went where I wanted it to go with a minimum of fuss.

Dragon Age : Origins

Finally I wanted to test the long-term comfort. For someone who spends as much time at their PC as I do then comfort is vital. Almost a primary concern. Apart from using the mouse in my daily PC usage I wanted to test it more stringently. I currently only have two "unable to put down" mouse based games, the ever addictive Football Manager 2010, and the greatest RPG since the stunningly brilliant Witcher, Dragon Age : Origins. Any game I've completed four times and am on my fifth play through has to have a lot going for it.

The extra girth the NAOS 5000 provides absolutely shine here. It's exceptionally comfortable. If you can imagine floating on a feather bed down a river of honey whilst eating blancmange, that's about a comfortable and joyful this is. In the introduction I mentioned how we like to see new companies because they bring things to our attention that we hadn't thought of. So many mice we've tested are sleek and ambidextrous, and if they aren't ambidextrous they are still smallish, that to be pleasured by one that allows somewhere for all your fingers to rest even if you have big hands is a joy.

Dragon Age being one of those games I can gladly play for 8 or so hours without noticing this extra comfort was a boon. You know the type of game. One second you're saying you'll be in bed in a minute, the next you go to bed, but somehow in between the dawn has come and you hadn't noticed. The comfort provided means that whilst your other half may cause you incredible pain for such a long session, the NAOS 5000 wont.


So the NAOS 5000 has all the goodies you could ask for when it comes to a check-list of must haves. It comes in some of the best packaging we've ever seen. It works without software if you like. But also has some bulletproof, user-friendly software available for extra customisation if you wish. It is capable of providing more sensitivity than I can tame, but on the lowest setting also provides incredible control for fine detail work in photo editing and more general usage.

Under normal circumstances this would be the kind of product we can easily stamp a 10 and best in class on. Unfortunately there is a large elephant in the room and we can no longer ignore it, and it's that price tag.

The Mionix NAOS 5000 has a MRSP of £65 but we've seen it online for around £60. There are very very few mice even in the gaming sector that at priced at such a lofty amount. The packaging is exception, the performance is brilliant, the software is some of the easiest we've used. But £60 is a steep price to pay. Thankfully if you're in the market for a mouse and have found the treasure of the Sierra Madre down the back of your sofa, then this comes with the highest recommendation and you can't do better.

For the rest of us, it's very much a case that you get what you pay for.

Gamers Choice


Thanks to Mionix for providing todays review sample. Discuss in our forums.

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Most Recent Comments

10-03-2010, 08:59:39

very good review and very nice looking mouse. Price wise hmm well to be honist i dont think it to bad when consider for s decnt KB (well a fancy once) your looking in the region of £100+Quote

10-03-2010, 14:25:32

Another beautiful product for you righties out there ...

Takes a trip to Ned Flanders Left handed emporium Quote

10-03-2010, 14:39:31

Ah the Leftorium.

At least there are plenty of ambidextrous mice out there.Quote

10-03-2010, 15:49:45

I don't like the shape of my G9 since i'm more of a palm grip kinda guy but since it's been going strong ever since I bought it I don't really have a valid reason to get a new one, I still kill loads of people with this mouse Quote

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