Mionix NAOS 5000 Review

Software and Customisation

Software and Customisation


As you probably noticed from the previous page, the NAOS 5000 doesn't come with any software included. It's truly a plug and play mouse and the majority of features are available solely from plugging the mouse itself in. This ensure that unlike a lot of the competition you can take it around with you as your weapon of choice without needed to go through a lengthy installation procedure each time.

However, should you desire to gain full control over the mouse then Mionix provide regularly updated software available from their website. Normally mouse control software is either just a re-skinned version of the Windows control panel or in trying to not be a re-skinned control panel it becomes incomprehensible.

The Mionix software is very clear and well laid out. Aesthetically following the scheme of the mouse and packaging, everything is very obvious. No sub-menu's, no bizarre configuration needed. It's all superbly simple and a joy to use. So simple is it I'll just point out the important parts.

The drop down boxes on the left for the buttons are where you can assign your macros, and with five profiles you haven't got the problem of needing to swap everything just because you've switched from Modern Warfare to Command and Conquer.

On the right the lift distance is an adjustment of the laser to ensure you get the maximum response from your surface.



If there is one thing we love, it's customisation of our colour schemes. Many of us go to huge effort to mod our systems to a particular colour and then to be limited to using either a mouse you dislike to be in tune with your system, or using a mouse you like that doesn't match. Whilst the Mionix defaults to their company green if you choose not to utilise the software, there is a large colour palette available if you wish to take advantage of it. If it does come with one caveat it's the obvious one that the difference between light green and very light green is almost indistinguishable when applied. On the left of this screen you can see that the lights can be on, off, or only certain ones on.

Before you wonder if the selective thing allows for multiple colours across the mouse, it doesn't allow for that, solely the turning on and off of certain lighting. From some angles the scroll wheel light can catch your eye when scrolling, so if you're exceptionally focused then it might be worth adjusting that when in the white heat of competition, but otherwise you'll never spot it.


Unlike the Smog Tom reviewed the other day the macro abilities are very easy to use. You can select individual key bindings from the drop down box of our first picture above, but if you want to implement complex macros you can. You can also either have them playing instantly, or if you need to introduce a delay it will record how fast you pressed the relative key. The only issue we did encounter is probably more to do with keyboard layouts and that's certain keys like ` don't register. But everything that is where it is on every layout certainly worked flawlessly. Even major ones like opening a console, typing a string, pressing enter and exiting the console, could be easily recorded and mapped to a button.

The final part of the software package is a built in firmware updater. All this requires is running the exe, waiting 30 seconds or so, and plugging it back in. One of the simplest and fastest firmware update programs we've seen.


As you could see from the software above this is able to display all the colours of the rainbow. Rather than give you 20 odd pictures of the various colours we've chosen to give two you'd expect, and two you wouldn't.

So on the left is the default green, and below that a light blue, similar to that found on many 3rd party peripherals.

On the right, a shade of pink that might not be very manly if you care about such things, but actually looks really nice in the flesh and any way you can help stand out from the crowd is good. Below that, and to the surprise of nobody at all who knows me, is the mouse in orange. It is impossible for me to have something that I can make orange and to not do so. Orange and black. Lovely.



On to the testing and let's see if the mouse keeps this high performance up.

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Most Recent Comments

10-03-2010, 08:59:39

very good review and very nice looking mouse. Price wise hmm well to be honist i dont think it to bad when consider for s decnt KB (well a fancy once) your looking in the region of £100+Quote

10-03-2010, 14:25:32

Another beautiful product for you righties out there ...

Takes a trip to Ned Flanders Left handed emporium Quote

10-03-2010, 14:39:31

Ah the Leftorium.

At least there are plenty of ambidextrous mice out there.Quote

10-03-2010, 15:49:45

I don't like the shape of my G9 since i'm more of a palm grip kinda guy but since it's been going strong ever since I bought it I don't really have a valid reason to get a new one, I still kill loads of people with this mouse Quote

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