Mionix NAOS 5000 Review

Packaging and Up Close

Packaging and Mouse Up Close


I wont beat around the bush. This is heavenly. It has everything you could ever wish for when looking at a products packaging. We sometimes see items that tick a few of the boxes, but very rarely do we see them all nailed.

Starting with the top side of the box it definitely leaves you in no doubt of what you are getting and by whom it is produced. Clear and concise is possibly the best explanation. The colour scheme is very nice and matches the mouse itself and after such a swathe of the always popular red and black, green and black makes a nice change. The font is very easy on the eye too and Mionix have wisely resisted the temptation to over-sell on the front of the box. Swedish design simplicity has come to the fore and it's all the better for it.

Turning the box over to the normally cluttered rear where all the major information is held it's wonderful to see the clarity of design continuing to the reverse. At the top are the product highlights we saw on the previous page all neatly labelled and pointing to the relative section of the mouse. Below this is all the important information. On the left an overview of the mouse, in the middle the complete technical specifications and on the right information solely about the sensor itself. It's a very inventive approach to ensuring that everyone gets a feel for what you're getting. The overview is easy to read for those who don't understand mouse technology. The middle is the key parts for those of you who have a feel for what you need, and the sensor data is for people who truly know their stuff. 


As you can see from the shot of the side of the box on the left the clear design principles extend throughout the whole of the exterior packaging. A gorgeous matt black finish adorns every inch of the exceptionally thick and sturdy cardboard. 

If you've ever spent ages wondering quite how to get into an item, which of the four seals and tabs needs to be undone, then you'll appreciate yet another wonderful touch from Mionix. The front of the package is magnetic so that the whole front lifts up. Often we comment how that's a good way to let your customers see before they buy, but with the Mionix it's also the way you remove the mouse. Simplicity itself. You can even read the blurb about how the NAOS got its name on the underside of the lid.

Although some of you may wonder why we devote such time to the packaging of products when the key ingredient is the hardware itself, then the NAOS 5000 should demonstrate why. When you're purchasing any product you want to always feel that you're getting value. We all enjoy opening up something for the first time and when you're at the more expensive end of the market you want to think "wow this looks quality" before you open it up, rather than "well the packaging is bobbins but I hope the product is good".

Without question this is at the highest possible end of the packaging spectrum. Exceptional.


Opening up the box reveals a very simplistic layout. Just a small tin and the mouse itself. The cabling is hidden under the top flap of the insert, which is made from a similar quality cardboard to the main packaging.

Taking everything out we can get a good look at the ergonomic design and the gold-plated USB cable that's almost expected at this price.


NAOS 5000 Up Close

The left hand side of the mouse contains the forward and back buttons we're used to, whilst the right hand side is oversized compared to some and provides a great place to rest your hand. So many mice are designed for the small-handed people that those of us who can double as a catchers mitt often are all fingers with nowhere to put them. Even I, with a 10 key span on a piano, have plenty of room.

The middle two buttons are used for the on-the-fly DPI adjustment. Thanks to the generous size they are impossible to accidentally hit. On the left hand side in front of the forward and back buttons are three lights that give a very clear indication of what setting you're on.


The underneath contains the well designed weight mounting system. Often we've seen weights on the side of the mouse, so to have them either side of the central sensor should ensure a nice balance. Of course this does mean that for optimal balance you have to use weights in pairs, so if you're exceptionally sensitive to mouse weight it might be problematic.


The covers are removed by pushing the latches forward. Initially this appears to do nothing, but once you've popped them the first time they become much easier to remove. Although this isn't to say they ever become loose, they certainly don't. Rather the tolerances used in construction as so fine that it needs to be popped once to free it a little.

On the right we can see the 8 5 gram weights that are provided within the tin. I can't imagine anyone would want to add 40 grams to their rodent, but the potential is there if you've arms like Hercules.


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Most Recent Comments

10-03-2010, 08:59:39

very good review and very nice looking mouse. Price wise hmm well to be honist i dont think it to bad when consider for s decnt KB (well a fancy once) your looking in the region of £100+Quote

10-03-2010, 14:25:32

Another beautiful product for you righties out there ...

Takes a trip to Ned Flanders Left handed emporium Quote

10-03-2010, 14:39:31

Ah the Leftorium.

At least there are plenty of ambidextrous mice out there.Quote

10-03-2010, 15:49:45

I don't like the shape of my G9 since i'm more of a palm grip kinda guy but since it's been going strong ever since I bought it I don't really have a valid reason to get a new one, I still kill loads of people with this mouse Quote

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