Hades Gaming H1 Optical Gaming Mouse & Mat

Comfort, Software and Testing

Does it fit? Comfort

Before I go into things like test results and how the Hades H1 does there, let's just see how comfortable it is to use.


Ignoring my pudgy fingers and focusing on finger position, the Hades H1 Optical mouse is very comfortable in my hand. The extra width over normal mice means the almost the entire width of my hand rests on the mouse and only the back of the palm of my hand rests on the mousepad. In comparison, the Logitech G5 means my little finger tends to trail along a little bit but my palm is raised.

Mice are very personal things, but in general if you have fairly wide hands this mouse will be a nice fit.


The software for the Hades H1 is fairly complicated but pretty clever. Instead of using a driver (bloated driver), like a lot of companies do with their mice, Hades have designed the mouse to have it's features changed in the hardware. You start up a program and get some fairly complicated screens:

hades h1 software

Here you can assign different functions to different buttons.

hades software dpi

DPI can be changed here, along with windows polling rate and a few other pretty cool bits and pieces.

hades software scripts
The "Script Programming" function can store keyboard commands (single or compound command), mouse wheel, mouse button and cursor motions as a batch in the mouses memory. Delay time can also be adjusted between commands. This means that you have no need to store any of this information in a driver, simply flick the correct button in-game and you have it there.

This page allows you to assign scripts and button configs for different games. for games like WoW this is a pretty handy feature, but you have to be aware that gaming leagues like Enemy Down frown upon and even ban you for some types of scripts.

The software is a great compliment to the mouse, especially for those who like to fiddle to get everything perfect. In the other direction, if you don't want to use it...you don't have to.

Testing - Results

Adobe Photoshop detailed photo-editing


The Hades H1 gaming Mouse does very well in photoshop. The high DPI is useful for the detailed parts where you really want to be accurate, but a little too high at the highest DPI. On-the-fly DPI switching means you can adjust to every situation in photoshop.

Macromedia Fireworks banner making


Much like photoshop, the Hades was proficient using Fireworks. Here I found that the G5 and the Hades mouse did very well. The added comfort of the H1 perhaps edging it, but not by very much.

Microsoft Office work (general including Outlook, Excel, Access, Word and Powerpoint)


As expected, the Hades Gaming did fine in Office work. The mouse was accurate, precise and comfortable.

General web browsing/article writing

web browsing

Web browsing was again a pleasure with the forward and back defaults on the side button coming in very handy. Here the Hades Mouse edged it as the Logitech G5 does not have a back and forward button.

Gaming: FPS

hades h1 ut3

Here's the important bit. Being modelled as a Gaming Mouse, the Hades H1 had better do well here, or we certainly won't be recommending it!

In brief: the good news is that the H1 does very well.

Testing UT3 (you might have noticed, it's rather a favourite of ours here at OC3D!!), the Hades gaming mouse was smooth and accurate. I was glad at this point of the highest resolution that the mouse outputs. UT3 is all about twitch gaming and the extra speed means a split second less to aim at someone. Comparing the mice in UT3: the Logitech and the Hades were step by step as good as each other throughout testing. That is certainly an impressive performance by the Hades H1 as the Logitech G5 is one of the best mice I have every used.

Other games followed this general trend, with Counter Strike: Source and UT3 being the most noticible difference between the mice tested.

Top marks to the Hades H1 Optical Gaming Mouse here.

Gaming RTS: Command and Conquer 3

RTS gaming is about being able to both swish across a map quickly, as well as making precise and detailed selections . The on-the-fly DPI switching comes in handy here as it doesn't tend to so much in FPS. The G5 and the Hades mouse were again side-by-side during testing with very little to choose between them.

Surface testing

Hades Gaming Mouse Pad

The Hades pad is a very smooth surface to game on and the Hades mouse did very well here: it's obvious the pad is designed for the surface. Again the G5 glides along nicely here, but not quite as well as the Hades mouse.

Icemat v1

The Icemat v1 is a harsher surface than the Hades Gaming surface and I found that the Logitech mouse coped a little better on the glass. Having said that, the Hades mouse was still highly proficient.

Free hard surface mousemat

The hard surface mouse mat was a middle ground and most of the mice performed the same here, although again the Hades mouse and the Logitech showed why they are top-line mice.

Office type cloth mousemat

Here is a surface that the top-line mice didn't feel at home as much on. In fact the nicest to use on this was the basic Microsoft Intellimouse. Moral of the story: if you're going to buy an expensive mouse, buy a decent surface for it too!

Testing Summary

The Hades Gaming H1 Optical Gaming Mouse and the Logitech G5 traded blows throughout testing but in the end came out about even in useability and functionality. During gaming I was hard pressed to make a decision between the two, so I am not going to.

The lack of drivers needed for the Hades mouse certainly stands it in good stead and the software should do about everything you need (even the ironing?? - Ed). The slightly wobbly forward/back side button didn't affect use, although it did shake my confidence in build quality which was excellent apart from the slight niggles mentioned.
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Most Recent Comments

05-11-2007, 14:24:08

Nice review kemp, personally im not too sure on the looks, looks abit plasticy to me tbh.... Seems a solid performer mind, the mouse matt also looks pretty good.Quote

05-11-2007, 14:27:39

I don't think it's any more plasticky than my Logitech G5, apart from perhaps the two issues I brought upQuote

05-11-2007, 18:21:55

Great review as usual Kemp. The Hades performed really well, especially against a very seasoned vet like the G5. I also love the fact that the mouse is so configurable.Quote

06-11-2007, 19:04:27

Ye me too Peevs

It really is a good mouse The configurable options are great

Score added and UK pricing confirmed

As soon as we know who's actually gonna stock em we'll let you knowQuote

09-11-2007, 17:50:44

looks identical to my saitek 3200Quote

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