Epic Gear Meduza Mouse and Hybrid Pad Review


Epic Gear Meduza Mouse Review


There is a hell of a lot to like about the Meduza which does nearly everything one could hope to expect.

Ergonomically it's a purely right handed design, but with a lot of subtle elements to make long gaming sessions a comfortable experience. So often mice designed for the majority of the population concentrate all their efforts on the thumb/index finger side of the mouse that the right hand edge is almost an afterthought. However, with the Meduza we have a little bulge that gives you somewhere to put your ring and little fingers aiding both comfort and control. Even the thumb rest is a bit deeper than normal (although nowhere near as extreme as the old Logitech MX).

Button placement is fantastic too with the back/forward buttons in a very natural position and the profile switch within easy reach, but not somewhere you're likely to hit it by accident. The DPI adjustment is just behind the scroll-wheel, a position that is rapidly becoming the industry norm.

The software is excellent with a reasonable amount of customisation options. Macro creation and editing is a breeze and about the only thing it doesn't record is cursor positioning, but very few software packages do. The ability to CTRL-click a whole bunch of unneeded commands is a particular boon.

Of course the real shining light in any gaming mouse is the sensor and the Meduza is no exception. The Optical sensor is nice and stable with no jerking or unexpected motion. The Laser is as you'd expect, being all about high speed and acceleration. The unique option is the HDST, Hybrid Dual Sensor Technology. This merges the two to try and give the best of both worlds, which is does, being smooth and responsive.

Unfortunately there are a few quirks and quibbles. Firstly is that HDST itself. It works like a charm and does exactly what you'd hope it would, but having experienced many modern high-end, high sensitivity sensors we've never experienced so much jittering that we'd desire a solution. All of the 5000dpi and upwards sensors in current mice are flawless, so the HDST is solving a problem that doesn't really exist in our experience. Furthermore the switch on the underside of the mouse that swaps between the three options feels very cheap, in stark contrast to the rest of the mouse.  Even the fluro-orange base plastic seems to be more suited to Fisher Price than a £60 mouse. Finally the top materials, although a monumental improvement upon the base ones, are both seemingly designed to become dirty. We don't need to tell you how brutal it is trying to keep piano black free from fingerprints, but the soft grippy rubber coating also picks up fingerprints and dust like it's born to do it.

So in all it's a mixed bag.

The sensors are all excellent, the comfort level and ergonomics are up there with the very best and the software is superb. The lighting is clear and bright without being distracting and you can turn it off easily in the software if you prefer the stealth look. When used in conjunction with the Hybrid Pad we dare you to find a combination that has so little friction. The flipside is that it's almost impossible to keep free from fingerprints and accumulated muck as the rubber coating is extremely hard to clean and piano black on a mouse is almost insanity. Plus the Unique Selling Point of dual-sensors is fixing a problem that doesn't really exist, but is sufficient to put the Meduza right at the high-end of the price spectrum at a whopping £60. A price which the rather cheap looking and feeling underside doesn't justify.

If you can live with a mouse that looks like you use it, and your main requirements are comfort, low friction and customisation, then it's definitely something you should put on your shortlist. There are just far too many great mice at around £40 to justify £60 for this one and for that reason we're only giving it our Bronze award. It's close to being great, but as a first foray into the world of gaming mice for GeIL it's a good start and hopefully a precursor of better things to come.


Thanks to Epic Gear for supplying the Meduza and Hybrid Pad for review. Discuss in our forums.

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Most Recent Comments

28-03-2012, 05:04:48

Well it looks nice atleast, Another great review Bryan!Quote

28-03-2012, 06:56:42

that orange base looks a bit "chav"! lolQuote

28-03-2012, 07:32:16

The smiley face on the underneath made me lol don't think i'd buy one though.Quote

01-04-2012, 04:40:02

Good in depth Review Bryan.

Too expensive in my mind, but gotta' love the light show on that mouse.Quote

06-04-2012, 15:29:49

Love the lights. Thanks again Bryan Quote

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