Corsair Sabre RGB Optical Mouse Review


Corsair Sabre RGB Optical Mouse Review


There is much to like about the Corsair Sabre RGB Optical mouse.

The design of it is very good, with lots of smooth curves and great button placement which leads to a comfortable feel in your hand. This comfort is heightened by the gently textured coating and light weight of the mouse itself. Everything is within easy reach and it's possible to use it for a long time without becoming fatigued.

The buttons, like the sensor, are both from the titans of their fields, Omron and Avago respectively. Almost every mouse you're likely to purchase has one or both of these and through such rigorous testing they are guaranteed to last far longer than your desire to use a particular mouse. The sensor is worthy of particular note. Often when reviewing we're sent the Laser model rather than the optical if both are available so it's great to have an optical again. If you fall into the camp that finds the lack of top end sensitivity in an optical not good enough then you'll be stunned at how brilliant the Avago S3988 is. If you already find Laser sensors too crude for your fine needs then this will only enhance your staunch support. The sensor is amazing, capable of extremely precise movements at low speeds, and yet equally happy blistering along at a very serious 6400DPI.

We like the software is capable of recording single pixel mouse movements as part of a macro. This is beneficial as you can be extremely precise, but does make the macro itself enormous, especially if you are trying to record something involving big screen movements. We often use the example of building a base in an RTS game, admittedly a task that is becoming ever more unlikely as the console action genre frustratingly takes over the world, and if you wished to build something on the left and then the right, but made an error, there is a huge amount of scrolling necessary to reach the bottom of the list. The other issue is that the software size on your screen is quite big - about 1250x900 - and yet some of the text is very small and hard to read on that slate grey background.

Lastly the lighting, something we were expecting to be worthy of that RGB name, was disappointing. We've seen a lot of highly customisable mice in recent times that produced rich, saturated hues regardless of the type of colour you were hoping to replicate. The Sabre is fantastic at the primary red, green and blue options, and good at the four that make up the cyan, magenta, yellow suite too. Once you move away from those the colours are pretty listless and inaccurate. The front 'beam' is also nowhere near as bright as we've seen on mice such as the Cougar 700M. Unless we're missing something obvious the profiles only take effect when the software loads in the OS too, meaning it's not something you can set up at home and take on the road in your team colours.

All in all it's a mice of two distinct sides. The software is good, but not without fault. However that can be fixed in future updates. It's light and comfortable to use. The sensor and switches are brilliant, although Omron and Avago are always brilliant, so that's hardly a feather in the cap of Corsair to use what everyone else does. Still the optical sensor that graces the Sabre is particularly amazing. The real downside is that so much of the attention has been placed onto the 'any colour you like' nature, when in reality unless you want one of the major shades you'll be disappointed and even then it's still underwhelming. We know lighting isn't the be all and end all of a mouse, but this is still a £50 effort and the bar has been raised so high by other mice that the offerings are a bit lackluster. For that reason the Sabre RGB Optical gets our OC3D Silver award. It's an extremely highly polished Silver, and if you only want green, red or blue colour options then you can count it as a gold. For us though, it's so very nearly brilliant. Improve the lighting and colour fidelity and it would easily win a Gold.

Thanks to Corsair for supplying the Sabre RGB Optical for review. Discuss your thoughts in the OC3D Forums.

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Most Recent Comments

25-11-2014, 06:18:17

This is so tempting, But I already have a black Corsair M95, Must think this through, Dammit I'm having an argument with myself over a mouse...Quote

25-11-2014, 09:54:31

Got the laser version last week and I'm happy with it, its does exactly what I want, very precise and so lightweight. for the lack of precision with coloring, but nvm mine is white .
Thanks for the review TomQuote

25-11-2014, 10:24:04

Nice to see the tramp stamp positioning is fairly correct. :P (sorry had to)Quote

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