Corsair Ironclaw RGB Wireless MOBA Mouse Review


Corsair Ironclaw RGB Wireless MOBA Mouse Review


Being the wireless version of a mouse we've already reviewed what we feel about the design is the same as it was before. If you've already read our take upon the wired Ironclaw then skip to the last paragraph for our thoughts on how the wireless works here. Such is the design of the human hand that the majority of mice fall into a couple of categories. On one side we have mice with a slight curve for right-handed users, whilst on the other we have the ambidextrous designs both for those who prefer a more symmetrical shape to their rodent.

The Ironclaw does fit into the right-handed school of design, but it has a few nice touches which we think make it worthy of extra consideration. The very nature of all products are that they need to cater to the largest possible audience and this does mean that mice are fairly standard sizes. If you've got small hands they are all a little large, whereas if you have larger hands then they are all a little small. This smallness can be exacerbated by the minimalist school that so dominates the world of design, so not only is the mouse a little bit too tiny to be comfortable, but the buttons are as small as possible to give a sleek look in a presentation and be a pain to use in the real world.

However, the Ironclaw is designed more for the larger handed, of which I count myself, amongst us. I can press both tab and return with the same hand after all. The slightly larger design of the main body of the Ironclaw fits perfectly then, particularly if you prefer a relaxing palm style rather than the high intensity claw style when gaming. Equally the buttons are oversized rather than the sleek design school ones we just mentioned. They are easy to find and easy to press. This might not seem like a massive deal for the majority of us, but for those with disabilities or who might have less precise motor control than the average user, the Ironclaw is the perfect choice. Given how much work goes into creating usability under the broad umbrella heading of accessibility it is a surprise that it's taken so long for a manufacturer to produce something which still has all the cool looks of a regular input device, but in a package that is easier to use. Until now it seemed like your only choices were sleek tiny mice or a trackball. Now with the Ironclaw there is an inbetween option. It might not have been intended as such, but the commitment to comfort means that it is the end result.

Away from the ergonomics all the other areas are up to Corsair's usual high standards. The PMW3391 sensor is an absolute monster, supporting resolutions from 100-18000 DPI in 1 DPI stages and, by virtue of PixArt's attention to detail and the improvements to optical sensors in general that we've seen in recent times, rock solid at all times. No overly-aggressive angle snapping, no useless software acceleration, just precise tracking of the slightest movement. As it supports 50G acceleration and a tracking rate of 10 metres per second then we think even the most flailing of arms will struggle to ruffle its feathers. Although the only way we can foresee you hitting a 10m/s movement rate is falling from somewhere high, so skydiving gamers are covered too. Build quality is good with soft plastics and plenty of grip from the textured side panels, whilst the Omron switches live up to their lofty reputation by giving crisp clicks at all times.

Corsair's Slipstream wireless technology works extremely well, negating any latency that used to plague older wireless setups. It's really easy to get up and running with it and we really like the fact you can choose between using 2.4 GHz wireless with the supplied dongle or, if you've got a system that supports Bluetooth, just flip the switch underneath and grab the Bluetooth connection option. Another feather in the cap of the Ironclaw setup is that it can 'play and charge' with the supplied cable. Perfect if you're planning a marathon session and don't want to risk your mouse starting to run out of juice at a vital moment, but also useful if you're at a massive live event and the wireless signal isn't that reliable due to so many things competing for that airspace.

The Corsair Ironclaw RGB Wireless mouse is every bit as good as the wired model, but with the addition of a selection of wireless options that have been well implemented. It's a very good mouse indeed, particularly if you want a chunkier than normal rodent.

Corsair Ironclaw RGB Wireless MOBA Mouse Review  

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30-04-2019, 16:04:27

I was looking at one of these recently (non wireless) and I was a little disappointed with it. It felt to me as if it was trying to compete with my current mouse the G502 (the whole reason I was even interested) and IMO it didn't even compete. It was too light and could not be adjusted to add more and just did not feel anywhere near as good. I didn't like the ergonomics of it either, It just didn't feel right in my hand, maybe with time I could have adjusted to the shape but the weight issue I just couldn't get past, just felt like I wasn't getting any feedback from the mouse and that it was to easy to move meaning I was having to think about my movements instead of it being natural. Maybe id get used to one in time but the Logitech just felt right the moment I started using it and once I'd fine tuned my DPI settings and weight, it became the best mouse I have ever used. Not a bad mouse for the 10 mins that I used it but id recommend the G502 over this.Quote

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