CM Storm Mech Keyboard Review

Software and Conclusion

CM Storm Mech Keyboard Review


The software is extremely simple to use. It's hardly overwhelming in the amount of options available, but has everything you could desire in an easy to understand format.

CM Storm Mech Keyboard Review     CM Storm Mech Keyboard Review  

CM Storm Mech Keyboard Review     CM Storm Mech Keyboard Review  


In some ways the perfection of the Cherry MX switches is the undoing of both manufacturers and us. If you want the very best mechanical keyboard then you have to use the Cherry switches, and because they are created with such tiny tolerance then every keyboard ends up with exactly the same tactile typing experience. For the manufacturers this is bad as it's much harder to come up with differences to make people do more than just sort by lowest priced and buy the top one. For us it's difficult because if you've read the review of one Cherry-equipped keyboard you've read most of them.

So what does the Mech bring to the table?

The most striking thing is unquestionably the looks. There is an expression in the UK that things are "like Marmite". You either love them or hate them, and we think that the CM Storm Mech will be similar. The angular body coupled to the built-in combined wrist rest and handle leaves an impression unlike any other keyboard we've seen. Sometimes we think the decision to be so bold with the aesthetics was brave and bold, other times we think it's a step too far.

What is good is the ability to remove the top. A minute with an Allen Key and you have the metal top off, primarily to make it easy to clean the keyboard. In reality though it is just begging to be put on a hook and sprayed to match your rig. The choice of white LED lighting seems to back this up, as any other colour would limit your creative potential. We like this very much indeed and look forward to seeing what the community comes up with. This isn't the only excellent feature as the steel base ensures that this is one of the sturdiest keyboards you'll ever use. With the combination of the Cherry MX switches which will outlive us, and the robust build quality, you wont need to purchase another keyboard unless some major advance in interface devices appears.

Otherwise the Mech is a standard layout with the FN key combining with the F-Keys to adjust the lighting intensity and mode, and five dedicated macro keys on the left hand side to fulfill your needs without costing you a key. The lighting is bright without being dazzling and we particularly like the placement of the lock indicator LEDs. It's nice to find a keyboard with USB3.0 ports too.

All in all for your £119.60 the CM Storm Mech has plenty going for it. Any and all Cherry equipped keyboards provide a beautiful typing experience and this is no different. It's built like a tank too. The niggles are slight, but there. The aesthetics are, as we've said, a love it or hate it thing. But the decision to allow you to remove the metal top either for easy cleaning or customisation is a masterstroke. The handle is a strange thing. We don't know anyone who ever said "I love this hugely heavy keyboard, I just wish it had a handle".

All in all it's a great product let down by a couple of quirks that very much are 'your mileage may vary'. Some of you are thinking it's the best design ever and a handle would be perfect, in which case you're sold. If, like us, you're unsure then the hefty price-tag doesn't lend itself to giving it a try, and for that reason we'll award the CM Storm Mech our OC3D Silver Award.


Thanks to CM Storm for supplying the Mech for review. Check the other CM Storm reviews and then let us know what you think in the OC3D Forums.

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Most Recent Comments

04-10-2013, 06:27:55

Besides the outer casing it reminds me very much of the Razer Blackwidow. Personally I hate the design but it's good to see some originality nonetheless.Quote

04-10-2013, 13:35:49

Horrible design, there are other, nicer looking ways of putting a handle on a keyboard.
The backlight looks nice though and the removable panel is great, if they made a rectangular one and I had the money I'd like it a lot more.Quote

04-10-2013, 13:49:09

The design isn't that bad imo. Would have to see it in person and try it out to pass my final judgement. Don't know if that wrist rest would be confortable with that crazy shape.Quote

05-10-2013, 09:29:43

Tex Lomar
Not my favorite design. The USB pass through is a nice feature, hook it up to a powered USB port, and you can easily charge a device from the keyboard, even if your Computer is powered off.

The Keyboard is so large, I'm not really sure why there is a handle on it, I don't imagine many people would lug a giant peripheral like that to a Lan party.

Price is too high, but that applies to nearly all keyboards.

I have a CM Storm Quickfire Rapid. Costar board for less than half the price of an identical Filco. Its a great, simple, compact keyboard.

Who is the OEM for this board?Quote

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