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Connor McNeill - CS-M Weapon of Choice AK47

CS-M Weapon of Choice AK47 - by Connor McNeill
The CS-M Weapon of Choice AK47 professional-grade gaming surface offers a specialized heavy duty weave for high sensitivity players. Engineered for pinpoint precision, the boosted tracking response makes even the smallest mouse movements count. The aggressive non-slip 100% natural rubber base makes thorough contact with most desktop materials, ensuring that your gaming surface stays firmly in place in the heat of battle. To top things off, the iconic graphics send a decisive message to your fellow gamers that you mean business and won't give up in difficult situations.


Your weapon of choice - AK47
Specialized heavy duty weave for high sensitivity mouse control
Engineered for pinpoint precision and highly responsive tracking
Ok guys, here we have today the Coolermaster Storm Weapon of choice AK-DM Mousemat, one of the new range of coolermaster gaming surfaces.
As you can see from the above picture the packaging is black and red; has a nice attractive design to make it stand out on the shelf, and comes with most of the necessary information, such as dimensions, material and some information as to what type of mat it is. One feature is also a snippet of material meant to replicate the product inside the packaging. Having had the mat out and tested, the material used on the box is definitely of a lower quality than that of the mat. Also noted on the box is Coolermaster own opinions of what this mat can do. While they may give a comparison to other mats in this particular review, I cannot help but feel they do not give a fair comparison to other mats available from other vendors.
Closer Look 
Now in the picture we get a nice view of the mat itself, which is large in dimension It is just the right size, even for those of us who enjoy lower sensitivity. Another thing about the mat is the nice relevant print on it. I like the outline of the gun as it suggests it’s for first person shooters, a strong aspect of this mats design.
I have a few negative points though, the edges of the mat are not seamed, it’s like they have just used a standard blade to cut the material, and I cannot help but feel this will impact on the longevity of the mat, and be prone to fraying. Also not the slight curve on one edge of the mat, this was like this out of box, so I think Coolermaster may want to considering wrapping the mat around a piece of cylindrical cardboard before packing the mat in the box to stop this happening.
The mat was tested across multiple applications, including some mammoth WoW / Counter-strike sessions. The WoW session was tested over 4 days, ranging from some simple daily quests to full blown raids. Seeing as raids can take up to 4 hours to complete, a comfortable surface for your wrist to rest on is just a basic necessity and this where the mat begins to falter. The material it is made from is not simply thick enough to provide any form of rest for your wrist, so you begin to feel some discomfort after around an hour of play, picture this situation 4 hours in and you the idea, a wrist rest is definitely a required add-on.
This mat is great for Counter-strike or most FPS games. I myself play with very low sensitivity, so having more room to swing the diamondback around was great. Not once did I find myself wishing for more space. You will definitely notice the difference between it and say the wooden surface of a desk (or the edge of a sofa Jim XD).
For application based tests I decided to use Photoshop, and this mat makes a world of difference when it comes to these applications. The extra control this mat allows you makes placing objects, rendering images, and even something as adding a shadow or a gradient that much easier, and you can achieve the exact movement you want to achieve, using the grip of the mat as a brake on the mouse, for me personally ensuring I never went too far. Again this is good for a short term image, but I can imagine for people like web designers the ergonomics of this mat catching them up again after a long editing session.
The mat itself being made from duramesh has in my opinion, the correct balance of grip and slide, those used to some of the harder plastic mats will defiantly feel the difference, as the grip adds that element of control to the mouse that you just don’t get from the average desk surface.
So there we have it, the CS-M Weapon of choice AKDM. I would recommend it onto any person who plays any movement intensive games, like CS:S or COD4. But for people like me who also spend allot of time with slower paced applications/games, the mat cannot provide enough support compared to other mats. I do like this mat, and therefore have no trouble recommending it, albeit with a wrist rest.
The Good
- Nice Material
- Large
- Price
- Nice print
- Finish of mat edges
- Ergonomics may not be up to long term use
Thanks to CM Storm and the OC3D Team for giving me the chance to write this review, please come and tell me what you think in our forums.
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Most Recent Comments

21-10-2009, 03:12:32

You spelt my name wrong :P McNeill, good reviews allQuote

21-10-2009, 03:45:55

Good reviews everyone. Thanks for all the time and effort put in. Quote

21-10-2009, 07:06:59

Kind of you Alex.

I think if there is one conclusion we can deduce from this roundup, it's that CM Storm have created a mat that covers anyone, and pretty much any of them would be a good purchase.

And not forgetting to thank our overlords at OC3D and CM Storm for making this happen Quote

21-10-2009, 07:56:35

Nice reviews all, my only criticism is throughout them reviews, there was only 1 con on page 5? About it being not durable enough.

These mat's can't all be perfect Quote

21-10-2009, 09:27:30

As far as im concerned the frayed edges on my mat was the only durability concern. Again thanks to OC3D and CM for the oppertunity to even do these reviews Quote

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