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Peter Stoba - CS-X Battle Pad DP

CS-X Battle Pad DP - By Peter Stoba
Today we will be taking a look at the CM Storm CS-X Battle Pad DP, a mouse mat from the gaming subsidiary of the legendary Cooler Master. CM Storm say the CS-X Battle Pad is engineered especially for professionals who demand deadly accuracy and control. We'll see how much of a difference a good mouse mat makes compared to a low quality alternative. When it comes down to precision tasks, such as CAD and graphic design, or gaming, whether it be FPS or an MMO, a good mouse mat can either make or break your performance. The perfect levels of grip and friction can provide you that little bit more precision, which could gain you that all-important last head shot. So, let's not waste any more time and take a closer look at the mat itself.
A Closer Look
The CS-X Battle Pad comes in a relatively compact, yet long, box which features the trademark dark colour scheme that is found on their other products. The first side of the box features the name of the pad, the CM Storm logo and a sample of the material, really handy for those browsing for a mat in traditional brick and mortar stores. This shows that CM Storm believe in the quality of their own products and aren't afraid to show it off.
Moving around to the next side we get to an introduction to the mat itself and also the rating system that is used on all of the CM Storm mouse mats. This system allows you to easily compares all of the mats and see what is best for control, speed, tracking, durability, laser and optical performance. The CS-X Battle Pad DP is clearly an all round good performer, scoring highly in all areas.
Finally, we have a list of features and specifications, again, quite helpful to compare the mats against others. The mouse mat itself is rolled up inside the box, alone, although I can't really think of anything you could bundle with a mouse mat. The mat oozes quality from the second you take it out of the box. Made from a specially heat treated, fine weaved cloth with a 100% natural rubber base, to provide the smoothest of surfaces and the maximum amount of grip. At 5mm it's the perfect thickness, not too thin that it causes your wrist to ache and not too thick that it becomes awkward to use.
To test the CS-X Battle Pad, I used it for general usage and also some gaming over the course of a few days, with my Logitech G9 gaming mouse and compared it to my Everglade Titan Minimat. Going about my daily business, browsing the internet, I found that the Battle Pad allowed me to move less. The 'Duracloth Plus' surface allows the mouse to move more freely whilst still retaining control over your movements, meaning I had to move my wrist less to navigate around pages, which will help over longer periods of time. I also found that the Battle Pad stays where you put it. It doesn't move. My other mouse mat would slip around with very little force, the Battle Pad stays wherever you want it, regardless of how much force you apply.
With the mat Battle Pad DP clearly excelling for general usage, I decided to test what it was made for - gaming! I fired up good old Counter Strike Source, hopped on a server and instantly I could feel the difference. The mouse moved alot easier across the surface allowing more accuracy and a generally more responsive feel to the game. The mouse felt as though it was literally gliding across the surface, something I've never experienced before. The larger physical size of the mat also helped during gaming as it meant my hand didn't come off the sides during frantic-fragging sessions. All of this combined to improve my gaming performance and make me a much better player, improving my kill to death ratio significantly.
Overall the CS-X Battle Pad DP is an absolutely excellent product. It is everything you could ever want from a mouse mat and more. It performs well and is comfortable to use for prolonged periods of time, unlike some other mats on the market. The Battle Pad DP is the largest is the largest mouse mat available from CM Storm, if your desk can accommodate it, it's fantastic, you'll never find your hands slipping off the sides again. It is available to purchase online for around £14, which is a bargain for such a solid performing and largely proportioned surface.
- Size (444 x 355 x 5mm)
- Plain and simple design
- Durable
- Price
- Size, it may be too big for some desks.
- Simple design may not suit all users
- Nothing whatsoever.
Big thanks to CM Storm and all the OC3D team. You can discuss this further in our forums.
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Most Recent Comments

21-10-2009, 03:12:32

You spelt my name wrong :P McNeill, good reviews allQuote

21-10-2009, 03:45:55

Good reviews everyone. Thanks for all the time and effort put in. Quote

21-10-2009, 07:06:59

Kind of you Alex.

I think if there is one conclusion we can deduce from this roundup, it's that CM Storm have created a mat that covers anyone, and pretty much any of them would be a good purchase.

And not forgetting to thank our overlords at OC3D and CM Storm for making this happen Quote

21-10-2009, 07:56:35

Nice reviews all, my only criticism is throughout them reviews, there was only 1 con on page 5? About it being not durable enough.

These mat's can't all be perfect Quote

21-10-2009, 09:27:30

As far as im concerned the frayed edges on my mat was the only durability concern. Again thanks to OC3D and CM for the oppertunity to even do these reviews Quote

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