ASUS Cerberus Gaming Keyboard Review

Introduction and Technical Specifications

ASUS Cerberus Gaming Keyboard Review


PC Hardware is very much an aspirational thing. We've all made lists of the system that we'd build if our EuroMillions/Powerball numbers came up, and we've all spend hours poring over reviews wishing that we had the finances necessary to replicate such extraordinary results.

The reality is that most of us haven't got the money to have such extravagant builds, and one of the first areas that we cut costs on is the peripherals. To this end ASUS have released a new Cerberus line which seeks to combine the features you might desire with a price that you can afford.

We have all three items up for review, the Cerberus Gaming Keyboard, the Cerberus mouse and the Cerberus headset. The first of these we'll take a look at is today's review, the Gaming Keyboard. With two colour backlighting, dedicated media keys and a low price tag this might be just the keyboard you're looking for.

Technical Specifications

It would be impossible to produce a mechanical keyboard at this price-point, so ASUS have naturally taken the more affordable route of a membrane/rubber keyboard. This isn't the obvious negative that it might seem, as all of us have owned a membrane keyboard at one point and most of us still do. Having dedicated media keys certainly puts the Cerberus above a few of the cheaper options on the market and frees up your F-Keys for macros, should you so desire.

Anti-ghosting: 19KRO (key rollover)
Switch type: Membrane with rubber dome
Backlight: 2 colors (red/blue),4-level light setting with breathing mode
Cable /Connector: 2m Braided cable with gold-plated USB connector
Media keys: Volume control, play/pause, previous / next track
Macro keys: 12 macro keys (F1–F12) with macro enable/disable mode
Special feature: Windows key lock

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Most Recent Comments

04-07-2009, 06:35:07

Yeah there looks like some in-out issues. There has to be some kind of balance either from fan speeds or air flow per/s.

U can have the biggest fans in the world blowing in - but if the air isn't allow out, the pressure will be enormous.Quote

04-07-2009, 09:57:06

Hi all ;-)

its not needed make new forum,i was not offtopic , and not have heat issues, its about the vapor-x having an heat issue and not do his job ,but you already did so thanks anyway.

my case is an A+ Case Twin Engine / XCLIO A380

can not adds link to noobie ;-)

must see so, the front fan is more to cool the harddisks and on the underside of the front is big gap (to reduce noise) so it will not blow so much in ,the overload air go down ,so its nm if set fast or low only/mostly for the harddisks cooling,

so the side fan do the work for the motherboard parts and the 2x 12 flow out enough air for both big fans.

but you have a point for under flow out , but like mostly there is no place to make an fan there, so this case is created to have close back output cards.

but my 2900xt was with the artic triple cooler 67 max(most had 90 degrees to with this cards) and the 3 fans almost never go round because its needed to set a fan tool (or on 70degrees) and set the fans higher, but that was not needed.

i must say its hugh but did great job, but with 2 cards was just 1a2mm between cards., artic on top, so the side did the job also good, and the second card was rear output so that blow his air out.

so i need buy 1 4890 more that blow out air in back at bottom, or new pc case , or another cooler, thats saying to me not well job for the vapor-x that claim have better cooling and less noise.

but my opinion is: if want have better cooling with vapor-x you have much noise, if want have less noise have hotttt cards.

i am not a big overclocker and do not know much about it instead of most of you guys

but for me is heat nr1 important after power , because if buy top card it will mostly do his job on power parts

they did say hd2900xt was a hottie and after it was a flop, yeah a hugh megaflop producer (powerrrrr lol) but the first new card it could realy beat it was 3870x2 , also temp where cool for my case, also in crossfire

so if testing graphic topcards that always run hot, its a need for all people to know what it do in a case and when the case is closed,( but i understand it cost big time if do all that change all times, for testing ;-)) also of course its here about a apart kind of cooling called Vapor-x thats be testing, because the temps say what can do with it. for more overclocking, so this card runs in closed case very hot and do same job as the closed ones.on both (vapor-x and rear output cards) if set fan 70% to max its much noise but cooling is okay, so its a matter for people to know its not do his job quiet and cool, if not have the good case for it, so maybe its a need to have a case with the psu at bottom, or if can place fans there to flow air out. ;-)

greetz all tc ;-)Quote

05-07-2009, 06:21:01

hi all ;-)

i tried something this days to make the pc's airflow better, so tried make the 4890 vapor-X card cooler in idle mode/power mode

i tried rotate the fan on side plate ,so it blow out the air, but that realy didnt much matter for the vapor-x

only my processor and motherboard get hotter then 3 to 5deg.

i did take the big fan out ( it realy not give so much air) and replace it with 2 fans 12cm and 8 cm .

i tried 8cm fan flow in/out under and 12cm fan out/in above it

also 12 under 8 above it in and out, only 12 and only 8 flowing in and out,

it all realy not make a different

i tried set and 8cm fan on backside under graphiccard (just outside under the cable) , i have 3 ports open there, also that was not helping.

also just with open case all be hotter some degrees, and little homefan tru it then it down a little.

so lets say my case will not do the work to keep/make the vapor-x cooler ;-)Quote

27-07-2009, 09:10:51


i did buy a new vapor-x 2gb now and same story with the temps.

its so it have an extra coolblock on on the backplate side from memory.

so the processor should make it more cool also now.

i put them in crossfire now to see what happen but of course it crashing overtimes with fans on 100% and open case.

i play on 5040x1050 so its ofcourse will more heated then normal with that resolution.

i did write to sapphire to ask how and what and tell my story and ask if its possible get 2 reference coolers for it, i will send the vapor-x koeler back with smile on my face.

i did buy an artic Twin Turbo and Scythe Musashi but that 2 not fit on a vapor-x .f want leave the back coolblock on it, and Scythe Musashiwill hit the dvi output with an heatpipe,

so buy now a zalman gv1000 and that will fit good , but in crossfire can only use 1 bridge , or need longer one because it hit the heatpipe , and that will be very hot.

this are temp with 2gb on top and the 1gb with the zalman gv1000 under it.

23 degrees home temp disp=85deg mem = 112 deg shader =96 deg.for the 2gb on top with 100% fan on and fulload (crysis)4400 rpm.

for the 1gb now this are the temps with 3500rpm )(100%)

disp =66deg mem 77deg shader= 63deg.

i change them to but it was not much different , so 1gb up and 2 gb down

in idle mode with case open and 100% fans the temps are (23 home temp)

in crossfire.

2gb = disp 54 deg mem 76 deg shader 60 deg

1gb = disp 50deg mem 58deg shader 48 deg

of course they run now both in 1gb mode , i tried this one to see if better then should sell the 1gb and buy another 2gb.

so for me its not cool any way and crashes much .

i did set an home fan 12cm fan in front of the cards, we use for the kithen in a window its loud and blowing alot air .

de 2gb will go down around 8 a 10 deg then and the 1gb 5a7deg down.

this also with open case, but then atleast i not crashing in my games.

so i not know how and what but for me realy nothing work to make vapor-x cooler then this, with my case closed it will not work . with case just only open also no good work. with fan blowing on it it also just be hot mem around 100deg. that with fan 100 %. so i will buy other cooler also for the 2gb version .

this realy sucks

greetz kaasieQuote

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