Zotac GTX295 PCIe Graphics card



It was both difficult and frustrating trying to present this review in a different light to the XFX GTX295 product we reviewed earlier as this card is, apart from the branding and package, exactly the same. Same results, speed, power consumption and temperature. Even the overclock, while being slightly less than the XFX was most likely down to the Core quality and nothing to do with the manufacturer.

So then why should you choose this product over any other? Price certainly doesn't factor into the equation as both the Zotac and XFX model cost exactly the same. I wouldn't use the overclocking results to distinguish one over another either as that side of things is pot luck whether you get a good core or bad core. In this case both cards overclocked well. So all there really is to choose between the two is the packaging.

The Zotac card was very well packaged and included every accessory you need to get you going, including both 6 and 8 pin adaptors should your PSU not carry those. The Zotac package also included an HDMI cable which seemed to be an oversight on the XFX version. Both cards give you a great game, Zotac - GRID and XFX - Far Cry 2, to help sway your decision and both cards include a copy of 3DMark Vantage.

While both cards approach packing the cards in different ways, both cards are very well packed. XFX however, still hold all the aces as there is much more protection surrounded the card than in the Zotac version. This isn't to say the Zotac's packaging is bad, it's just XFX go that 'extra mile' to ensure you not only receive the package in perfect condition but also feel like you have purchased a top end product. Finishing off the overall package, I should note that Zotac offer an extended warranty of up to 5 years (3 years over the standard warranty) should you register within 14 days of purchase which is an amazing deal and gives the end user piece of mind. XFX at present 'only' offer the standard 2 year warranty.

When all is said and done, these two cards are pretty much identical. Each has minor differences in the overall package but under the skin, both cards are exactly the same and which ever card you decide to pour your money into, I can assure that you will not be disappointed.

The Good
- Unrivalled Performance
- Great Packaging
- Fantastic looks
- Good overclocking
- HDMI Connector.

The Mediocre
- Watercooling might be problematic
- Audible when idle
- Price could be cheaper

The Bad

- Nada

Thanks to Zotac for providing the GTX295 for todays review. Discuss in our forums.

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Most Recent Comments

23-02-2009, 11:27:36

Those 295 cards look pretty set to reference.

I'm kinda confused as to why/if the 4870x2 lacks at high resolutions or cos of the quality/AA settings ? Any1 know ?

I was lead to believe the 4870x2 was a champion at very high resolutions, so maybe it is the quality settings ?

£420 is astonishing lolQuote

23-02-2009, 12:24:45

The 4870x2 was the champ at high res + AA. Not anymore as it appears the 295 handles high res better.Quote

23-02-2009, 12:53:26

I'm with u now.

Gonna get much push on that 576mhz with same/different cooling ? 576 seems to me it'd hit 600 without squealing too much. Temps worry me tho. Although a very nice idle power.

Great stuff btw.Quote

23-02-2009, 13:14:36

The XFX model is £20 cheaper but features the same things.

Except for the game bundle which could easily make you sway towards either card.

Want GRID then go for Zotac. Want Far Cry 2 then go for XFX.Quote

23-02-2009, 13:34:08

Is it also a sign of the times that we don't hold too much difference between the cards from manufacturer to manufacturer.

I mean in the past I would personally have prompted for a Gigabyte silent card, then was quite taken by XFX and have bought them out of habit ever since.

But being honest, eVGA/Zotac/BFG/XFX/whatever, I wouldn't shun any of them - I know they'll all go for the same reference and same dodgy cooler. I can see it's a dodgy loud one just by looking at it. Different stickers perhaps.

As time goes by, different speeds appear on the shelf, but from what I've seen so far, they are the same cards and coolers, just factory clocked. Says to me what the basic one can achieve.

Be nice if one of them stepped out of the darkness with a really good cooler. Kinda like some of the ati variants u see.

Do-not like the nVidia 2 slot reference cooler one bit tbh.

Oh, yeah the bundles are the draw - bet ur arse XFX won't give u an 8pin cable Quote

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