Game Tests - Quake 4 and Oblivion

Please note all game tests are at best playable settings, so use the graph and settings sheet in reference with one another. See our Test Setup page for details

Quake 4

Quake 4 is a game built on the Doom 3 engine. This uses many DX 9.0c features and is a game that has not always ran so well on ATI hardware, being an OpenGL game. Once again I did three two minute runs on Quake 4 on each card and took the average of all my readings from these. I played a fast and furious part of the game that required both internal and external scenes. The Doom 3 engine is getting a little old now but still proves pretty challenging at higher resolution and detail levels.

Here are the settings that were found to be optimal for Quake 4 on a Dell 2405FPW:

xfx 8800gts quake 4

And the minimum, maximum and average FPS for the above settings:

xfx 8800gts quake 4

Once again the GTS shows us what it can do in tough gaming situations on DirectX 9.0c. Quake looks great at these detail levels.


Oblivion is an awesome RPG with a simply huge immersive environment, great graphics and incredibly realistic scenery. This game is currently one of the most testing games that you can buy and it is certainly a test of the high-end cards here. I chose to do a run-through of the Arena part of the game. I spoke to a character, did some magic whilst in a fight and fought in the arena that is pretty huge. Also as well as doing this test I took a wander around to make sure that the benchmark resembled the general gameplay with each card. This benchmark really tests today's cards and ATI cards seem to do very well in this game, with older nVidia cards lagging behind slightly. Also note that I used the "Chuck" patch to enable AA and HDR for the ATI cards this was integrated in ATI's latest drivers. The nVidia cards allowed me to run the game with AA and HDR just using the driver settings to force AA.

Here are the settings that were found to be optimal for Oblivion on a Dell 2405FPW display:

xfx 8800gts oblivion

In-game settings

xfx 8800gts in game oblivion

And the minimum, maximum and average FPS for the above settings:

xfx 8800gts oblivion fps

Oblivion is the most challenging game out today and the 8800GTS coped excellently with the stunning levels of detail and draw distance available in the game. Just lagging behind the 8800GTX by missing of the "Q" on the 8 x AA, the 8800GTS made light work of this superbly detailed game. Oblivion played on the 8 series is something you really need to witness, especially if you're a fan of the game.

NB - Counter Strike Source and HL2-based Games

There is a slight problem with the rendering of fog in the HL2 engine. nVidia's cards are rendering the fog as it is supposed to be in the DirectX Specs, but the HL2 engine does not seem to render this in a standard way, producing some strange effects. See screenshot below:

xfx 8800gts css xfx 8800gts css

Please note there is no smoke layed down by a player in this picture: it is merely the environmental dust on the map "Dust 2"

nVidia had this to say in their driver notes:

Half-Life 2 Lost Coast: GeForce 8800 GTX fog looks different than GeForce 7900 GTX fog, and dynamic shadows look solid black.

"The GeForce 8800 GTX image quality matches the Microsoft Reference Rasterizer. This issue may affect other Half-Life 2 based engines such as Counter-Strike Source and Half-Life Episode 1. NVIDIA is working with the application developer to try to patch their application."

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Most Recent Comments

05-03-2007, 13:15:42

Excellent review Kemp.

Definatly made a good read Quote

05-03-2007, 14:06:56

looks like a good deal, does that GTS

but i am waiting to get a X1950XTX, when the R600 comes out, the price should plumit!

or so i hope Quote

05-03-2007, 14:25:07

Hey Kempez, do you thing a XFX XXX 320Mb version would be better than a regular 640Mb version?Quote

05-03-2007, 14:38:52

I didn't try the 320mb version I'm afraid mark - but I put it in the conclusion as a considerationQuote

05-03-2007, 16:34:36

nice review kemp =P

@ markkleb out of the box, GTX is better, GTS stock is 500 whereas GTX is 550-575. I dont think price/performance wise thou a GTX is worth more to get.Quote

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