The Technomancer PC Performance Review


The Technomancer PC Performance Review


While The Technomancer may not be the next Mass Effect it certainly can offer a fun time for RPG fans, but sadly it does come with a lot of issues.  What we have here is a game that is full of imperfections but as a whole does offer what I consider to be a fun experience, if you can get past the horrible lip synching and frequently bad voice acting. 

When looking at the PC port there are plenty of things that you can dislike, be it the lack of AA options other than FXAA and TAA, the terrible mouse and keyboard controls and the completely lackluster graphical options menu. The game does run fairly well at lower graphical settings but demands far too much performance at Ultra for the visuals that it can provide in return. 

Throughout out testing, we found that our own High settings were the best all round way to play this game, with decent shadow detail, a reasonable amount of SSAO and textures that don't look like a blur in most places. 

Texture wise if you have 2GB of VRAM you can get away with up to high settings at 1080p with 4GB of VRAM being enough for high settings at 4K or Ultra settings at 1440p. Gamers will need 5GB or more VRAM in order to play this game at 4K with Ultra settings, though the game will automatically use lower resolution textures after your GPU uses all of its VRAM. 

On the R9 380 and GTX 960, the game performs at High settings at 1080p without any issues, requiring a lot more power in order to be maxed out. GPUs like the R9 Fury X and GTX 980Ti are perfect for playing this game at 1440p at High settings with the game constantly running at over 60FPS. 

Comparing the visuals at all settings we can see that the differences between Ultra and High are not very noticeable while playing the game, making us think that the performance impact is simply not worth the visual upgrade. We would advise that gamers play on our High settings and then select a texture resolution setting that is suitable for their GPU. 

The Technomancer is a game that is full of imperfections and is certainly not the best PC version of a game that we have seen this year but what it offers is a decent sci-fantasy RPG that is fairly easy to run on modern PC hardware provided that you can withstand running at anything below the highest settings. The mouse and keyboard controls are not great but workable, which pretty much summarises the whole PC experience. 

I feel that The Technomancer is a game that could have gotten a lot better with a few months more development time, leaving it in the position where I would neither say that the game is terrible or in a position where I would recommend it to any RPG fan over existing titles. The PC performance of the game is passable but certainly not something that I would praise, especially if you want to max the game out. 

If you want to play an RPG there are plenty of other options out there. If fantasy is your thing you should look at The Witcher 3, Dragon Age: Origins or TES: Skyrim, if Sci-Fi is your thing the Mass Effect series or Star Wars: KOTOR are games that you should look at.  All of these games that I have mentioned have decent PC version and have plenty of expansion content if you are hungry for more. 

The Technomancer is certainly not an awful experience, but there is a lot of bad to be had with the good and there are already a lot of great RPG games on the market. 


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