Sapphire 5970 Toxic Review

Dirt 2, Stalker, Crysis Warhead

Sapphire 5970 Toxic Review

Gaming Benchmarks

Moving away from the synthetic testing onto some gaming, we introduce a couple of extra tests to the mix. Firstly in the white corner we have a reference HD5970. In the silver corner we have a 5870 Crossfire setup, which we still think is the best quality per quid choice on the market, and when we tested the standard 5970 it absolutely spanked it.

Dirt 2

Codemasters Dirt 2, as we've often mentioned, benefits greatly from some good optimisation which means it will be playable on almost anything. It does mean that that even extraordinary amounts of power wont have huge benefits, but you can see here from our graph that the Toxic annihilates its 5970 brother and isn't greatly behind the Ares. Certainly nothing that the £400 odd price differential would justify.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R Call of Pripyat

If ever there was a strange graph, this is it. We've seen a few curious results in our time here at OC3D, but this is mind-blowing. We can only put it down to a couple of things. Either the 10.7 Catalyst update made huge changes to either the performance or image quality of STALKER, the Toxic absolutely eats it for breakfast, or Fraps isn't monitoring it correctly.

We will give it the benefit of the doubt though, because it's been alright in our other testing. In which case if you're a fan of the apocalyptic shooter then you will already be out the door.

Crysis Warhead

Cryteks old Crysis Warhead is the game that just refuses to lay down and die. Despite having proved with Quadfire that it just isn't up to the task of handling huge horsepower, nonetheless it's the game by which all single cards are judged.

The Sapphire 5970 Toxic comfortably keeps the framerate the right side of 60 and, barring a minimum frame-rate issue which is mirrored by the reference 5970 and therefore might be a architectural thing, would definitely be up there with the best. The graph actually belies the smoothness of the experience.

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Most Recent Comments

06-08-2010, 13:25:07

Wow. I'd love one of those for my system! I didn't expect it to overclock THAT well!

By the way, I see the award images have changed? (atleast for the performance award?) I like it, looks nice Quote

06-08-2010, 14:02:25

Yes indeed the awards have all been updated to match the new OC3D logo. If you think the performance one is lush, wait til we bring the others out.Quote

06-08-2010, 14:04:12

great review but I really can't understand why in crysis warhead the asus ares kicks the ass of the toxic in the minima and average FPS even in stock clocks - what's going on here guys? Quote

06-08-2010, 14:51:35

Couple of things explain that. Firstly the Toxic had a few less CPU clocks to handle the Physx, and the Toxic is a 5970 whereas the Ares is twin 5870s.

So the CPU will account for most of it, and the tiny extra theoretical grunt of the Ares gives us the few extra. If you look back at the Ares XF results you'll see that Crysis is pants no matter how much hardware you have. So really take it with a pinch of salt.

06-08-2010, 17:25:43

Hmm. Is it me or does that cooler either -

A. Completely rip off the Arctic Accelero Xtreme

B. Use an Arctic Accelero Xtreme.

'cos from where I am sitting it has to be one or the other.Quote

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