Rise of the Tomb Raider PC performance retested with new AMD drivers

Performance Impact - HBAO+

Rise of the Tomb Raider AMD Driver Retest

Performance Impact - HBAO+


Rise of the Tomb Raider is a very mixed game, supporting both Nvidia and AMD made technologies. It is commonly discussed on the internet if AMD or Nvidia made technologies, such as TressFX or GameWorks specifically harm the other side, so this testing is to show exactly how much oif an impact both HBAO+ and TressFX/PureHair will have on each side. 

Below is a set of screenshots of the game at max settings at 4K with Ambient Occlusion (AO) Off, AO on and  HBAO+ on, showcasing how the graphical option affects the game. Please click on the images to see them in their full size and resolution. 


   Rise of the Tomb Raider - AMD VS Nvidia Performance Review  Rise of the Tomb Raider - AMD VS Nvidia Performance Review         Rise of the Tomb Raider - AMD VS Nvidia Performance Review

[No AO (Left), AO On (Right), HBAO+ (Bottom)]


In this test all other game settings will be turned to their maximum, with only Ambient Occlusion options changing between benchmarking runs. 

With this new driver the performance impact of HBAO+ and even the games standard AO option has been greatly reduced, so much so that AMD and Nvidia GPUs now have an almost identical performance impact when using the graphical effects.   


Rise of the Tomb Raider AMD Driver Retest  Rise of the Tomb Raider AMD Driver Retest  

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Most Recent Comments

02-02-2016, 12:57:33

Thanks for the timely review

Just a note. I had a crash earlier and after that the game was black screening, then crashing. The only workaround that got it going again was to disable Crossfire, play past that point and then enable it again.

It seems there is still work to do, either with the driver or the game itself.Quote

02-02-2016, 13:13:23

Damien c
Seems like a small improvement but decent.

Now I just need nVidia to sort out there performance, but I also need to sort out my performance on the game as of today after, a reinstall of windows my frame rates have dropped to 15fps for the first minute of playing, then jumps to 30fps after that.

Downloading Unigine Valley at the moment to look at what that looks like, otherwise I have some stuff to work out tomorrow when I wake up.Quote

02-02-2016, 13:32:45

I'm getting FPS jumps too. Especially when the advice meter appears at the top of the screen. It seems to crawl when that's there, then goes back to normal once it's gone.

Still, at least my GPUs are scaling enough to make the game playable at 4k with max settings. I'd been waiting a very long time for this, so I'm very happy I can play it now.

I've reported my issues (and the FO4 one) directly to AMD so I'm now waiting on them. I guess it's kind of good news that they have a profile for Fallout 4, because it must mean the game engine will work with it and they could have that fixed before long.

And that would be nice, given that as soon as they launch the X2 it's going to live or die by support and performance in the latest games.Quote

02-02-2016, 13:35:22

Damien c
My frame rate was rock stable at between 30fps to 60fps maxed out at 4K, yesterday but today after a fresh install of windows due to some issues I was having, with other software and audio stuff, the performance is a mess.

Got a video converting at the moment that has about 10 minutes left then gonna run Unigine Valley, if that shows issues then I will leave it till tomorrow and just watch some films tonight.Quote

02-02-2016, 13:45:15

Nice review . Good to see AMD can still put up a good fight.Quote

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