Nvidia Maxwell GTX 750 Ti Review

Introduction and Technical Specifications

nVidia GTX750Ti Review


To anyone who keeps up with the endless revolutions in graphics technologies, today's review will come as a little bit of a surprise. Normally a manufacturer will release their all-singing and dancing model first, and gradually reduce the amount of architecture in subsequent models as you drip down the price, and thus performance, ladder. 

For the latest Maxwell architecture nVidia have gone the opposite route and started with a low end, low power graphics card, the GTX750 and GTX750Ti. It might be tempting to cock a quizzical head but it actually makes perfect sense. The big selling point and major driving force in this new GPU is energy efficiency. With the monstrously powerful high-end Kepler GPU's having the performance sewn up it seems an ideal time to take a step away from the quest for ever higher frame rates and use the latest design methodologies to improve the drain upon the planets resources.

Now we could bedazzle you with an array of technospeak regurgitated from the nVidia documentation, but if you're truly interested in the tiny details you will want to read their complete press release anyway, so here is the précis. Careful tweaking of the logic and instruction work flow brings primary efficiencies when compared to the Kepler that preceded Maxwell. These refined Streaming Multiprocessor elements have been increased to five in Maxwell from the two available in Kepler. This whole improved and more powerful SMM is allied to a nine fold increase in L2 cache to reduce the amount of requests made of the GPU and this, as a whole enables Maxwell to give double the performance per Watt of it's predecessor.

Or, to put it in absolutely simple terms, the GTX750Ti is as powerful as a GTX480 whilst only consuming a quarter of the power, at 60W TDP.

Technical Specifications

As a low-power offering it's not surprising that the GTX750Ti isn't a monster in the specification department. However that low price, coupled to the high efficiency, mean that it's potentially a good performer in the target market.

nVidia GTX750Ti Review

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Most Recent Comments

18-02-2014, 09:13:53

Awww, it's so tiny

I wonder if they can carry the same amount power efficiency throughout the whole range of Maxwell? Would be good to see a high end card that is about as efficient as a mid range card. Only thing is we might end up with a Ivy bridge/Haswell situation where once you overclock them the heat will go up quite a bit.

AMD have got some catching up to do power efficiency wise if the high end Maxwell cards are just as efficient as this.Quote

18-02-2014, 09:15:14

I may have to get one of these for an HTPC build Quote

18-02-2014, 09:15:39

It looks a bit on the ugly side :I. Guess thats stock coolers for you. Its nice and efficient, perfect for a steambox, like the 650Ti's are/were .Quote

18-02-2014, 09:29:35

Hopefully we'll be seeing very linear power gains when scaling maxwell up, would be massive for nvidia as i know the red side of things are looking toasty and power hungry.

17% less CUDA cores, 38% less TAUs and less power from the wall whilst being around 20% faster than a 650ti on average is kinda epic.

Around 40w less than a 265, but the 265 packs more of a punch. I've got a feeling most gamers will be looking at the 265, if you can actually get one that is.

We all know that AMD's price's on paper are very different in reality :PQuote

18-02-2014, 09:36:08

Linustechtips also covered the Asus version of the card -





Actually outputs more frames as well due to better power delivery -


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