Nvidia GTX980Ti Review


nVidia GTX980Ti Review


There is a, admittedly very small, minority of people who think that we're "nVidia fanboys" here at OC3D. That somehow we take joy from the immense performance nVidia have regularly attained. Of course that's absolute rubbish. It behoves us to have the largest possible requirement for our comparison services, and only having one main GPU is of as much use to us as it would if Intel was the only CPU of note.

However, it's impossible to look through our graphs and not come away with the conclusion that the nVidia GTX980 was the best graphics card on the planet. Then came the Titan X and that stunned us with its performance. It was truly a card for the ages with a wealth of GDDR5 to suit the most demanding of texture sizes and resolutions, and enough performance to chomp through the harshest games in our testing suite. The price was suitably large too, as befitted a card we didn't expect to see beaten this side of Christmas.

Therefore you can imagine the surprise we had when the GTX980Ti turned up and - with a shader block and 6GB of memory less than the Titan X, as well as costing three or four hundred pounds fewer - managed to regularly best the Titan X. Sure at stock there is a shade more performance to be had from the beefy Titan X, but we're talking tiny amounts. Overclocking though is where the GTX980Ti absolutely shines. 42% clock speed gained from an overclock is the kind of figure that we'd never have believed a few years ago, and yet here we are. On air. With a reference cooler. 42%. It's not as if it's one of those figures that's only of interest to the cognoscenti either, as the frame rate (and 3D Mark) results bore out such magnificent clock speeds.

It is the fastest single GPU card on earth. A statement we've said many times about a new nVidia card. To manage to better the performance of the Titan X, and do so for such a lesser price and so quickly after its release, makes it impossible not to be blown away by the GTX980Ti. The fact that it does all this with a reference cooler and early drivers as well only makes us excited to see what the future will bring. You owe it to yourself to hunt out this staggeringly brilliant card.

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Most Recent Comments

31-05-2015, 17:53:36

The new graphs are the sh*t! Love 'em.
And it seems like the Ti reacts well to an overclockQuote

31-05-2015, 18:01:06

Good review so far but going by the graphs you most definitely did not win the silicon lottery on your Titan X especially in the 3DMark results.

Hopefully the aftermarket 980 Ti's come with backplates, Still baffled as to why they don't, Can't be to do with temps considering EVGA sell Titan X backplates.Quote

31-05-2015, 18:04:22

The GTX 980Ti is a great GPU, I just hope AMD can compete with the R9 390X or Fiji Pro or whatever they call it.Quote

31-05-2015, 18:05:13

Originally Posted by WYP View Post
The GTX 980Ti is a great GPU, I just hope AMD can compete with the R9 390X or Fiji Pro or whatever they call it.
I reckon it's going to be the 780 Ti/290X days all over again personally.

New graphs look great BTW.Quote

31-05-2015, 18:11:46

Originally Posted by Dicehunter View Post
I reckon it's going to be the 780 Ti/290X days all over again personally.

New graphs look great BTW.
I hope AMD really have something special up their sleeve, for the sake of them finally getting a win.

I think it will be a very hot GPU.

Back on the topic of the GTX 980TI, that price is amazing!Quote

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