nVidia GTX770 Review

Up Close

nVidia GTX770 Review

Up Close

So being a GTX680 by another name, perhaps you were all expecting the card on the left?

Thankfully that isn't the case at all, with the new Titan PCB and cooler at the heart of the GTX770. If anything it only emphasises how gorgeous it is when compared to the acres of black plastic that the GTX680 had to suffer with.

nVidia GTX770 Review     nVidia GTX770 Review  

We know that looks are, rightly or wrongly, a large reason why we all want certain items of hardware. There is a ridiculous amount of pressure from the e-peen brigade to have the biggest and best, which is why we love that nVidia has homogenised their range. Here, take a guess which is the £800 GTX Titan, the £550 GTX780 and the £330 GTX770.

nVidia GTX770 Review     nVidia GTX770 Review  

nVidia GTX770 Review     nVidia GTX770 Review  

As you can see, only the location of the barcode (ignoring the extra GDDR5 on the back of the Titan) gives a clue which card is which. So you can have a powerful GPU that didn't bust the bank, without it being obvious that you're not running the very top of the line number.

nVidia GTX770 Review     nVidia GTX770 Review  

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Most Recent Comments

30-05-2013, 08:53:38

Thanks, was thinking about getting one

Does the NDA for the lower end GTX 7xx cards lift now too or do we have to wait longer for them?Quote

30-05-2013, 09:19:18

That new NVIDIA reference cooler looks the dogs bollocks, said it with the titan and 780, will say it again. I still think NVIDIA are a bit high on their pricing brackets just now but this one is a bit nicer than the last two cards and a lot easier to justify.

Nice work with the trolls at the start of the video too and another good review.Quote

30-05-2013, 09:19:20

This has turned me from Titan to dual 780, to tri 770.. i jus't don't know!Quote

30-05-2013, 09:19:58

Best looking stock cooler ever. Must be said :P.

to the NDA on lower end cards, I want to know about the 760 and whether it'd be worth forking out for two in the near future or just getting another 7870 for when the frame issues are sorted for crossfire.Quote

30-05-2013, 09:20:04

Originally Posted by SuB View Post
This has turned me from Titan to dual 780, to tru 770.. i jus't don't know!
In your case 780Quote

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