nVidia GTX770 Review


nVidia GTX770 Review


Do we like it? You bet.

Initially when word first reached us here at OC3D Towers that the GTX770 would be based around the GK104 GPU that last saw service in the GTX680, we have to confess we were fairly disappointed. We knew the GTX Titan was staggeringly brilliant. We had yet to discover what a stunning piece of kit the GTX780 was. In short, we were taken back to the dark old days when a model was taken off the production line, had a new sticker put on it and was priced like a fresh item. Thankfully the GTX770 certainly isn't such a shameless marketing stunt. 

Yes, the GPU at the heart of it isn't the GK110 that comes as part of the GTX Titan or GTX780, but the GK104 that was in the GTX680. But nVidia have given this GPU some of the fastest GDDR5 we've yet seen, running at an insane 7Gbps, and boosted the GPU core speed by around 30MHz. By combining this faster GPU and RAM with a vastly more attractive cooler, it's already ahead of the GTX680 in the desirability stakes. But lets make no mistakes for all the trolls out there, if you want to call this a 680, its a 680 on steroids, its the fastest 680 we have ever seen. We know we joked around with the GTX680 with a GTX770 sticker on it, but when you compare that lump of black plastic with the gorgeous brushed aluminium number that the GTX770 is equipped with, it's a different league. We love the fact that you could have a Titan, or a GTX770 in your system, and anyone who isn't a complete nerd would struggle to be able to guess which nVidia card you were running.

One thing we have heard people moaning about already is why didnt Nvidia cut down the 780 a bit more rather than beefing up the 680, well here are our thoughts on it. If you were to trim back the 780 a bit we would have thought straight away youd be looking at a £400 price tag for only marginally better performance over the card they have delivered us as a 770. To put it in plain terms they have beefed up the 680 as shown in our graphs but still kept it around abouts if not slightly cheaper than what the 680 is a present, yet it looks like its worth £500 because of the Titan style cooler.

So it's £325 for a card that is quicker and better looking than the GTX680 it's based upon, equally as quick as the very best HD7970 on the market and occasionally close to the £200+ more expensive GTX780. In fact the only area that it's lacking is the cooler, and we know that nobody buys the reference models anyway, and the fact that nVidia haven't got the outstanding gaming package that AMD's Gaming range has. Of course most people buy a game, realise their system isn't up to it and then upgrade, rather than upgrade and then see what games they can play, so we can't knock too much off. All in all it's another winner for the high-midrange nVidia cards, and obviously OC3D Gold worthy.


Thanks to nVidia for supplying the GTX770 for today's review. Discuss your thoughts in the OC3D forums.

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Most Recent Comments

30-05-2013, 08:53:38

Thanks, was thinking about getting one

Does the NDA for the lower end GTX 7xx cards lift now too or do we have to wait longer for them?Quote

30-05-2013, 09:19:18

That new NVIDIA reference cooler looks the dogs bollocks, said it with the titan and 780, will say it again. I still think NVIDIA are a bit high on their pricing brackets just now but this one is a bit nicer than the last two cards and a lot easier to justify.

Nice work with the trolls at the start of the video too and another good review.Quote

30-05-2013, 09:19:20

This has turned me from Titan to dual 780, to tri 770.. i jus't don't know!Quote

30-05-2013, 09:19:58

Best looking stock cooler ever. Must be said :P.

to the NDA on lower end cards, I want to know about the 760 and whether it'd be worth forking out for two in the near future or just getting another 7870 for when the frame issues are sorted for crossfire.Quote

30-05-2013, 09:20:04

Originally Posted by SuB View Post
This has turned me from Titan to dual 780, to tru 770.. i jus't don't know!
In your case 780Quote

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