nVidia 8600 GTS and 8600 GT - Foxconn and XFX

The Cards - XFX 8600 GTS

XFX 8600GTS "XXX" Edition

XFX have again sent us one of their impressive XXX Edition cards to take a look at. With higher clocks and faster memory this card should be a good performer.

A reminder of how these card stack up:

 XFX "XXX" 8600 GTS
Foxconn 8600 GTSReference 8600 GT XFX 8600 GT
Stream Processors 32 32 32 32
Core Clock (MHz)
675 540 620
Shader Clock (MHz)
1595 1450 1130 1355
Memory Clock (MHz) 1130
1000 700 800
Memory Amount 256 GDDR3
256 GDDR3 256mb GDDR3
256mb GDDR3
Memory Interface 128-bit 128-bit 128-bit 128-bit
Memory Bandwidth (GB/sec) 32 32 22.4 22.4
Texture Fill Rate (billion/sec) 10.8 10.8 8.6 8.6


XFX have again gone with the white box portraying their familiar branded Cyberdog on the front. This should stand out on the shelves, especially when coupled with the signature lime green as well.

xfx 8600 gts box xfx 8600 gts box 2

The card is in a plastic see-through moulded covering in the box which should keep it pretty safe during transit.

xfx 8600 gts packaging


The package with the 8600 GTS includes:

* Driver CD
* Manual
* Molex to PCI-e 6 Pin power adapter
* DVI yo VGA adapter
* S-Video to S-Video Cable
* Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter Full Game DVD

xfx 8600 gts package

All in all a pretty decent package for a mid-range card. G.R.A.W. isn't the very best title but it's certainly worth a play with and it's pretty intense and fairly involving, so that's a pretty good deal.

The Card

The card itself is actually pretty small and surprises you when you're used to dealing with the behemoth's that are the top-end of the GPU scale. The 8600 GTS is about the same length as a 6600 GT and is certainly a good size for every normal size PC case and would also do well in an HTPC.

xfx 8800gts card top xfx 8600 gts rear card

XFX have retained their white branding and added a couple of dog-tags for this card. Notice almost all the capacitors on board are solid-state and high-quality parts used throughout the card. The cooler is a single slot affair and I'll give you my impressions of it below. The PCB is green which I was slightly disappointed about as XFX's cards usually stand out by having a black PCB.

Update - Feedback from XFX

"The Stability Board is designed to stop card flexing in transit, and as a result, GPUs popping from the PCB. This is of particular benefit to gamers in general and protects any flex on the board in transit. This is actually an added feature and a benefit to the consumer."

Fair enough - I'm confident this is a benefit to the consumer anyway.

xfx 8600 gts side xfx 8600 gts power

XFX have chosen to add a retention mechanism on the 8600GTS and this is a good thing. I did, however, have some issues with it getting caught on the backplate of the case I used (Silverstone TJ09) so it wasn't all good. Still, this brings a nice touch to the card and for those with a window you can boast having an XFX in your system.

Power is supplied from a 6-Pin PCI-e power connector situated in the normal place making it easy to route to.

dvi ports xfx 8600 gts

The 8600 GTS supports Dual Link DVI - digital output up to 2560x1600. This is also dual HCDP compliant for those of you with plenty of money wanting to hook up two HDMI displays to the card.


* Game Bundle

* Clock rate
730 MHz

* Dual Link DVI - Supporting digital output up to 2560x1600

* Highlighted Features
HDCP Ready , RoHS , TV Out , SLI ready , HDTV ready , Dual DVI Out

* Chipset
GeForce 8600 GTS

400 MHz

* Stream Processors

* Shader Clock
1450 MHz

* Memory Clock
2.26 GHz

* Memory
256 MB

* Bus Type

* Memory Type

* Memory Bus
128 bit

* Memory Interface
128 bit

* Memory Bandwidth
32 GB/sec

* Fill Rate
10.8 billion/sec

The Cooler

As usual XFX have dressed the stock nVidia cooler up for their 8600 GTS XXX Edition but that's not all a bad thing. The plus point of this cooler is that it does keep the card very cool. Idle temperatures were recorded at 54°C and loading up to 74°C (ambient ~ 21.3°C).

xfx 8600 gts cooler xfx 8600 gts xxx edition cooler

The sound coming off of the card isn't too bad. It's generally pretty quiet but be warned it can get a little whiney when fully spun up. That being said, it's nothing on some of the coolers I've lived with in the past, and certainly has nothing on the X1800 series.

Now onto the Foxconn...
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Most Recent Comments

18-05-2007, 07:52:23

Nice roundup Kemp, good show.


18-05-2007, 08:00:17

looks cool, i just wish XFX had done the same with the GTS as the GT, the black PCB does look damn niceQuote

18-05-2007, 08:06:03

Originally Posted by name='ionicle'
looks cool, i just wish XFX had done the same with the GTS as the GT, the black PCB does look damn nice
Agreed. And I'm quire fond of the DVI connectors too Quote

18-05-2007, 08:06:18

Agreed, it really makes the card feel a little bit more special.

However at a £100 price-point you can't complain about the 8600 GT Quote

18-05-2007, 08:20:05

Ye the Black does make it look good maybe in future they will make more cards that use different colours:rotfl: :rotfl:Quote

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