Nvidia 7900 GT and GTX Card Mini Roundup Review

Gainward Bliss Golden Sample 7900GT 512mb

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://ufo1.com/ad/c.js"></script> Posted 18/05/2006
Author: Matthew Kemp (kempez)
Hardware Acquired: XFX, Gainward

Meet the Gainward Bliss

With a very long name - the Gainward Bliss Golden Sample 7900GT 512 starts off with something to live up to already.


GPU: Geforce 7900GT
GPU Clockspeed: 550 MHz
Memory: 512MB 1,2ns DDR3
Memory Clockspeed: 1400 MHz
Pixels per clock (peak): 24
Bandwidth: 51,2 GB/s
Ramdac: 400 MHz
Bus: PCI-Express
Cooling: Fan (One-Slot)
Video-Features: Component, S-Video & Composite Out
Connectivity: Dvi + Dvi + Video-Out


Gainward have done a nice job with the packaging on this card. It's in a huge box with their new cga female character. The card is packed up very well in its white box with a software package that is isn't too bad.

Gainward bliss 7900GT 512mb

Gainward Bliss 7900gt 512mb

The Package

Gainward Bliss 7900GT 512mb

You get:

Quick Start Guide
Driver CD
Expertool overclocking facility
User Manual (PDF on CD)Gainward Muvee auto producer Personal video application
Power DVD 5 Premier
Gainward "Free to Choose" Game voucher x 1 game
2 x DVI-VGA Adaptors
1 x Dual Molex to PCI-E Power Connector
1 x Video out connector with s-video, composite and component video out

The package is actually pretty decent although I would have preferred an AAA title to be in the box. Gainwards "Free to choose" game voucher gives a decent selection of games however, and I feel that this is a better solution than Sapphire's four-title selection offering.

First impressions

The first impressions that you get of the card is that it has the looks to be a performance card. Indeed - it almost looks like a top-spec ATI card. The cooler takes up two slots but I'm not sure if Gainward couldn't have made it take up just one instead.

Installation was easy as usual with graphics cards. The quick start guide is there for those who do not know how to install the card which is a nice touch.

Gainward installed

Above we have it installed in the test setup.

The Card

The card looks very much like an ATI card as I have mentioned above. I'm not so sure this is a good thing as I would have thought an nvidia card should look like an nvidia card. That aside, the card is very good looking.

Gainward Bliss 7900GT 512mb

The back of the card has a decent retention mechanism that looks pretty stable. This seems to keep the card in decent contact with the heatsink.

Gainward Bliss 7900GT 512mb

Nice Red DVI ports on the back...not that you'll look at them much but a nice touch

Gainward Bliss 7900GT 512mb

The side view of the X180......the 7900GT

Gainward Bliss 7900GT 512mb

Noise and Cooling

Before I start on noise I will say that I have not got an actual db rating measure in the test setup. The test setup is quite loud but I throttled all of the fans down to hear the cards whilst testing.

The card isn't as noisy as the stock 7900GT cooler. However I do wonder why Gainward didn't just put on a nice cooler like the stock 7900GTX cooler. That is one of the best stock coolers you can get for a GPU in my opinion. The cooler is not whiney like the one on the XFX but I could still hear it above the noise of my not-so-quiet test setup. Half a thumbs-up for noise

Gainward Bliss 7900GTX 512mb

The cooling on this card is good it has to be said. The 7900GT's do not run hot and even overclocked the highest temperature I recorded the cooler at was 70°C which isn't over the top.

All in all the cooler is good and for most people a replacement would not be needed.
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Most Recent Comments

20-05-2006, 07:27:48

Excellent Review Kemp, keep it up


20-05-2006, 07:42:45

Yup, nice work Quote

20-05-2006, 07:47:16

Lovely, now i'm dying for my Asus 7900 512MB GTX Quote

20-05-2006, 08:26:24

Originally Posted by name='MonkeyMeow'
Lovely, now i'm dying for my Asus 7900 512MB GTX
Yep anyone wanting a new card - those are £300ish if you use the SpecialTech OfferQuote

20-05-2006, 08:41:02

the problem of the gainward is the same i have on my 7800 so that happend after i overclocked it and i think i f**ked the ram, btw great review all the text must have taken you ages to writeQuote

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