No Man's Sky PC Performance Review

1080p Testing

No Man's Sky PC Performance Review

1080p Testing


To start off, No Man's Sky has a lot of issues on PC, so much so that such a detailed performance assessment is almost unnecessary. 

No matter what GPU I used the game suffered from huge performance dips, especially when starting the game and when travelling to newly discovered planets or when traversing newly generated terrain. 

When comparing all of these GPUs we travelled to the most graphically intensive planet that we had found in the game after around 5 hours of play, which was a plant filled world which is filled with giant mushrooms and trees.  

This planet also proved very useful for showcasing the difference in a lot of the graphical quality settings, but all in all the game is still a mess on the PC platform, where we experienced a lot of crashes when starting the game and other strange performance issues. 

To make this test as fair as possible, each benchmark we did was done after a solid 3 minutes of gameplay to minimise the game's performance hitches, though this does not eliminate them entirely. The test includes running around grassy terrain, getting into your ship, taking off and then flying across the planet for 60 seconds. In space flight, gamers will experience higher performance than this, simply because there is not much to render other than a black sky. 

In the results below we can see that at 1080p that nothing below our reference GTX 980Ti was able to achieve a solid 60FPS framerate, though it must be noted that both it and the GTX 1070 do experience random slowdowns at certain locations in the game when outside of this benchmarking run. 

We can also see that AMD's GPUs are easily outperformed by their Nvidia counterparts which is unsurprising given this game's use of the OpenGL 4.5 API, which has for a long time been a weak point for AMD. 


No Man's Sky PC Performance Review  

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Most Recent Comments

14-08-2016, 11:55:46

I've played around 20 hours on the game so far and to be honest it's fun for a while but as there's no real goal other than maxing out your inventory and finding a ship with a big inventory, It starts to feel quite empty.Quote

14-08-2016, 17:29:05

So far, I have only experience one drop in FPS but a game restart solved this. No further issues since.

I really do not like the space combat, it is horrible and pointless, you will die a lot. 3 vs me = death!Quote

14-08-2016, 17:44:54

am about 30hours in, just at the 3rd system so far, really enjoying just pondering about, dont have any issues running the game itself, but i can do little else at the same time, running 1080 with med/high settings im hitting like 95-100% util on my i7 2600, so i just limited affinity to 6 cores and still hitting like 45-50fps, but can actually watch a stream at the same time. while not the ideal situation, is ok for now, till some stuff gets worked on. 3 systems down eleventy maj-bilillion to go Quote

15-08-2016, 04:39:21

Please note that I am aware of the newly released experimental Beta patch for No Man's Sky.

Sadly I will not be able to test this new patch today as I am in my hometown today and will be attending a funeral of a close family friend. I will test this new beta patch as soon as I am able.Quote

15-08-2016, 14:48:35

It's Elite without the fun. It's the grind of Minecraft/MMOs without the goal. The fact the performance is shocking only adds to my belief that this really isn't for me. I'm happy meandering about, but some kind of goal, even a nebulous (ha) one would be nice.Quote

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