NEC MultiSync WGX2 20" TFT Review

Test results and in action shots

Review <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> Posted 30/01/07
Author: Matt Kemp
Source: NEC

Test results


nec multisync 20

The monitor performed very well in DisplayMate. The only slight thing I would say about the monitor was a very slight green tint on some of the tougher testings. This is negligable and you would never ever notice this in real-life situations.

Unfortunately the monitor had a dead green pixel in the middle-left of the screen. This is slightly disappointing but easy to ignore thankfully.

Viewing angle

The viewing angle of the screen is excellent. However it has a major downfall which is unfortunately the NEC Opticlear Technology. This is a great technology that adds vibrance to the screen, but it also adds that shiny layer that I was talking about earlier. This means that unless the room is darkened, the display shows up reflections at various angles as it easily reflects light.

This wasn't a major stumbling block in the tests, but something to take note of if you have a bright room.


nec multisync 20

PC Gaming

The digital vibrance feature that NEC add to this monitor just makes the colours really come alive in gaming. The default screen setup was pretty poor but with a small amount of tweaking in the monitor's excellent OSD I got a great picture for gaming and it was thoroughly enjoyable to use.

Xbox 360 Gaming

Gaming via VGA on the 360 looks great as well. The screen seems to respond really well in games and no tearing was noticed at any points. The whites could have been better, giving a little too much bloom effect but the colours were once again excellent.

nec multisynch 20

To try and give you an idea of what you will see whilst gaming above is a picture of the screen in action. Ignoring the blurring from game movement, you can see that the details are well picked out and Gears looked it's awe-inspiring best at 720p.

High-Def film Viewing

High-Def film viewing on the monitor was via VGA as the screen does not have HDCP for Blu-Ray and the 360 only outputs on VGA.


nec multisync 20

Blu-Ray looked awesome on the 20WGX2. Crystal clear and sharp with vibrant colours and sharp clear details. Very impressive.


nec multisync 20

The colours on HD-DVD looked clear and sharp but I felt that there was a slight grainy aspect to the picture. With a bit of fiddling in the OSD menu this went away to an extent but it seemed to be still there. To check this I got my Dell 2405FPW and hooked it up at "Aspect Ratio". There was definitely a difference between the two screens, with the NEC coming off a bit grainer.

Still motion blurring aside, you can see in the above picture that the display still did a decent job of portraying Tom's mug.

General Browsing and use

nec multisync 20

For those of you that haven't used a widescreen monitor, the desktop real estate really is a treat to have. Not only can you browse in one portion of the screen and have other apps running by the side, but the 16:10 ratio makes DVD viewing great.

The screen performed very well on the desktop, but only once tweaked from the preset settings.

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14-01-2007, 08:13:54

Hopefully they won't dissapear, I thought Bill Gates gave them some money to take linux to court about stuff a while ago (or was that sun?)

Guess they've used that up tho and it seems most people are opting for free or open source linux/unix systems which I guess is not helping them that much.Quote

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