KFA2 GTX 980Ti HOF Hall of Fame - RushKit

KFA2 GTX 980Ti Hall of Fame - RushKit

KFA2 GTX 980Ti Hall of Fame - RushKit

KFA2 GTX 980Ti Hall of Fame - RushKit


It is not often that we look at a new, non-reference GPU with such enthusiasm, but the KFA2 GTX 980Ti Hall of Fame is certainly a GPU which has our full attention. With a beefy factory overclock which is almost 200MHz over Nvidia's reference design and beautiful all white cooler to match, this GPU may indeed be something very special, perhaps something for the OC3D Hall of Fame. 


  KFA2 GTX 980Ti Hall of Fame - RushKit  

When we first looked at Nvidia's reference GTX 980Ti we were amazed at how much performance was available on the chip for it's price, it simply made Nvidia's GTX Titan X redundant in all but the most extreme of circumstances. One thing that we noted with out GTX 980Ti was that there was a great deal of potential which could be unleashed from overclocking, with KFA2 GTX 980Ti Hall of fame we already have that performance out of the box.

This GPU hold a massive factory overclock, with a base GPU clock which is 190MHz, or rather 19% over Nvidia's reference design. This means that this GPU will have a massive performance advantage over an reference GTX 980Ti, which was no slouch to begin with. 



GeForce 980Ti
GPU: GeForce 980Ti
Core Base Clock: 1190MHz
Core Boost Clock: 1291MHz
Memory Clock: 7010MHz
Memory Size: 6144MB GDDR5
Bus Type: PCI Express 3.0
Memory Bus: 384-bit
CUDA Cores: 2816
DirectX 12: Yes
DVI Port: 1x Dual-Link DVI, 3x DisplayPort & 1x HDMI
DisplayPort: Yes
Power: 2x 8-Pin
600W PSU Required
250W TDP 


KFA2 GTX 980Ti Hall of Fame - RushKit  KFA2 GTX 980Ti Hall of Fame - RushKit  KFA2 GTX 980Ti Hall of Fame - RushKit  KFA2 GTX 980Ti Hall of Fame - RushKit  


Looking a this GPU we are amazed that it has not gained that much size when compared to it's GTX 980 counterpart, it also sports a similar cooler and blackplate design, using a unique silver coloured PCB, instead of going all black like many competing solutions.

KFA2's Hall of Fame GPUs are designed to break records, with premium components and a advanced power delivery system these GPUs are designed to deliver some world class overclocks, though the silicon lottery still applies. KFA2 also say that this GPU has a dual bios, whichgives this GPU the ability to safely update or customize you BIOS, though we do not recommend this for beginners or those who are not willing to deal with the consequences of BIOS Flashing.  


KFA2 GTX 980Ti Hall of Fame - RushKit  KFA2 GTX 980Ti Hall of Fame - RushKit  

KFA2 GTX 980Ti HOF Hall of Fame - RushKit  KFA2 GTX 980Ti HOF Hall of Fame - RushKit   

On the rear you can see that this GPU has all of the standard GTX 980Ti  rear outputs, with 3 DisplayPort outputs, a single HDMI and a single Dual link DVI connection. 

In terms of power this GPU requires two 8-pin PCI power connections, which should be more than adequate for giving this GPU all the power it needs when at stock or when overclocked. 



When it comes to GTX 980Ti GPUs you will find that there are two distinct tiers of products, those that use Nvidia's reference speeds or similar speeds and those that offer users a massive factory overclock, factory overclocks which are similar to most overclocked GTX 980Ti's.

This GPU is one of the latter GPUs, giving us speeds which are among the best that Nvidia's GTX 980Ti silicon can offer, and does so with ease. With this GPUs Tri-fan cooler and 7 heat-pipe design this GPU should run cool and quietly, though you will have to wait for our full review for confirmation. 

With this GPU's unique white cooler and PCB this GPU is a must have for an enthusiast that does not want to build a PC which adheres to the now overused Red and black colour schemes. This GPU is designed to be different and is designed to impress, whether you are running this GPU at stock clock speeds or when overclocked. 

We simply cannot wait to start testing this GPU, as we really want to put KFA2's overclocking claims to the test. Will this GPU deliver graph topping performance? I guess we will find out soon in our full review. 

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Most Recent Comments

04-09-2015, 11:20:32

I love it when companies release products such as this, that defy the norm. Like MSI's XPOWER series or the hall of fame cards etc. Sometimes it is nice to be able to buy a product that matches your system, rather than buy a regular one and mod it so it matches, IMO.Quote

04-09-2015, 13:19:02

There is a 'Black Edition' card also. Looks the same regarding specs. Does anyone know if they are identical (besides the paint)?Quote

04-09-2015, 14:56:50

actualy there is water cooled KFA2 GTX 980Ti HOF Hall of Fame too, its got even more factory OC, i dont know how 980ti from them will act vs another cards but i have seen benchs of their 980 HOF and its fastest 980 with huge OC potential, sure their 980 ti will too beast. not so many ppl know this great cards.

06-09-2015, 04:01:03

Never mind my comment about the 'black' card variant above. It is not relates to the HOF card nor it's specs. Was confused by a retailer who listed the HOF specs on the TI OC Black model....Quote

06-09-2015, 04:28:26

Backplate always kind of ruined it for me.Quote

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