inno3D iChill GTX980 Review

Up Close

inno3D iChill GTX980 Review

Up Close

We could talk about the box, but with that cooler sitting there we know that you'll be as interested in the finer points of the design work as we are in the X-Factor. Just look at it. Triple fans and some stunning artistic touches really grab your attention.

inno3D iChill GTX980 Review     inno3D iChill GTX980 Review  

As well as the main three fans on the cooler there is a 50mm one on the side. We haven't seen a fan here in years. Indeed it's been so long we can't recall which card last had one. Maybe a 8800GTX. Continuing the theme of rigidity there is a well ventilated backplate which assists in stability as well as providing some passive ventilation. 

inno3D iChill GTX980 Review     inno3D iChill GTX980 Review  

The cooler is a multi-part affair with brackets and sandwiches everywhere you look. This not only ensures that the whole card is kept stable but also assists in helping eliminate vibrations. That little switch adjusts the lighting from either on to pulsing to off. Thank the lord. We've been begging for this for ages.

inno3D iChill GTX980 Review     inno3D iChill GTX980 Review  

There are two SLI fingers so you can run the full-on Quad SLI configuration if you wish to do so. The side fan is connected to yet another of the many layers that make up this particular cooler and helps keep the VRMs cool for maximum overclocking potential.

inno3D iChill GTX980 Review     inno3D iChill GTX980 Review  

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Most Recent Comments

03-12-2014, 05:41:58

Yay finally someone else sings the praises of Inno3D's rather bonkers cards.

The "iChill Herculez X4 Air Boss Ultra" cards are mad, my only real complaint is you can't seem to get them in their DHS flavour, so you could end up with a crap overclocker. If I wasn't constricted by card sizes/cooler types in my rig I'd get one.Quote

03-12-2014, 08:47:57

I know it's not about it, but the 980 Strix is aways above, even above this aircooled beast.Quote

03-12-2014, 08:55:41

Originally Posted by Asen View Post
I know it's not about it, but the 980 Strix is aways above, even above this aircooled beast.
The overclocked Strix is - the results for this are at stock. Admittedly the overclocking was a it meh thoughQuote

03-12-2014, 10:37:47

Great review but you might want to change the version of GPU-Z you have on these screenshots as you're using 0.7.8 and the latest is 0.8.0 shows the proper stats for Maxwell, 0.7.8 shows incorrect numbers for -

ROPs/TMU's should read 64/128 but on 0.78. they show 32/170

Texture Fillrate should read 80-90 depending on the overclock and on 0.7.8 it shows 40

Pixel Fillrate should read around 160 depending on the overclock and on 0.78. it shows 200+Quote

03-12-2014, 14:17:00

Guess 50mm fans aren't useless then. I'm impressed by this card. Even though its odd looking

FYI Tom for CoH2, don't bother with SLI/Xfire. It won't work. That game is notoriously known for not working with it. It's the game engine design that doesn't utilize it right. AMD and Nvidia at around the game's launch actually recommends not using multi-gpu setups. Something to do with AFR and being CPU dependent. In fact its so dependent on the CPU that upgrading to a more powerful cpu will probably get you better results than adding another gpu.Quote

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