HIS HD6770 IceQ X Turbo Crossfire Review

Introduction and Technical Specifications

HIS HD6770 IceQ X Turbo Crossfire Review


We've always been a fan of the lower-end graphics cards available. There is something enjoyable about finding a gem of a card at a really affordable price that gives us a grin.

One company that have always done their best to push these value cards hard is HIS Digital. They've never been shy about ripping the reference cooler off and using their own, and more often than not giving the GPU a mild overclock.

These low-end cards have usually been great when paired up in Crossfire, and so that's what we're going to do today.

Technical Specifications

Despite being labelled as a HD6770 card, this is really a rebadged HD5770. We've got the Juniper GPU tied in to 128bit Memory. 800 shaders are married to 16 ROPs and 40 texture units. So it's a 5770.

Thankfully HIS have done their very best to breathe new life into it with the IceQ cooler and a speed tweak to the GPU. A free copy of Dirt 3 will help the reality of buying a graphics card from the last generation go down a little smoother.

Model Name HIS 6770 IceQ X Turbo 1GB GDDR5 PCI-E DP/2xDVI/HDMI
Chipset Radeon HD 6770 PCIe Series
ASIC RadeonTM Juniper GPU
Manu. Process (Micron) 40nm
Memory Size (MB) 1024
Memory Type GDDR5
Engine CLK (MHz) 880Mhz
Memory CLK (Gbps) 5Gbps
Memory Interface (bit) 128
Power Supply Requirement 450 Watt minimum
Max. Resolution 2560*1600
Bus Interface PCI Express x16
Display Port Yes
DVI 2x Dual-link DVI-I
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Most Recent Comments

10-08-2011, 06:11:00

They are pretty impressive in crossfire, especially in Metro, I thought there was something wrong with the results when I saw they were on par with a 590/6990 .

If you want a cheap crossfire set up for £202 two of these are worth it, but for a single card, as said in the review the 6850/70 are the better cards to go with.Quote

10-08-2011, 08:59:40

Would you say that these 2 cards at idle are quieter than a reference 6950, and would on the whole perform better? I wonder how these cards would perform @ 5760 * 1080 across 3 monitors (not maxed out obviously)?Quote

10-08-2011, 09:27:21

These cards are now £76.99 on aria so for £153.98 you can get GTX 580 beating performance!!!Quote

10-08-2011, 10:28:59

these are good results for sure.....im just wondering how realistic they are tho???

im not so sure that anyone considering these cards has an X-58 mobo and i-7 [email protected] backing them up......

now if you used an AMD Pii 955 X4 would your results be the same???

im not say'n.......im just say'nQuote

10-08-2011, 13:51:06

Well they are realistic because they are the results we obtained. However although we can understand that the kind of person seeking out a setup such as this is unlikely to run X58, that is our test setup. If we changed the underlying system every review then we couldn't compare anything to anything else and would be swamped with "but how does it compare to the xxx ??". At least this way each card is, driver changes aside, reviewed on the same rig and so you get a pure performance comparison.Quote

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