Gigabyte nVidia GTX780 SLI vs GTX Titan SLI Comparison


Gigabyte nVidia GTX780 SLI vs GTX Titan SLI Comparison


So the million dollar question that's been lighting up the forums and discussions over a pint is, "which is better, the GTX780 or GTX Titan, and do you need that 6GB of GDDR5 in high resolution settings?".

When we looked at the GTX780 we found it to be a couple of frames behind the GTX Titan, but because of the price differential it was the wiser choice, even if it wasn't the choice for the people who demand the absolute best and the kudos that comes from being able to claim you have a GTX Titan in your system. So it stood to reason that running the very latest titles at maximum settings on our big 2560x1440 monitor should stretch the gap between the two offerings. After all, if the GTX Titan is two or three frames better as a single card then as two it should be five or six better in SLI right. Right?


If anything has come from our SLI testing today it's that the GTX780 is an even better proposition than it seemed as a single card. Regularly when the going got tough and the benchmarks strenuous the Gigabyte GTX780 SLI setup trumped its bigger brother. Only in the low resolution gentler benchmarks, 3D Mark on the performance preset and CatZilla) did the Titan have enough raw CUDA cores to take the crown and even then it's by a barely noticeable margin.

The biggest shocks come from the fact that the GTX780s clearly scale much better than the Titans. We often saw numbers near or past the 100% mark from the extra card, whereas the GTX Titan never really doubled the single card performance. In gaming, which is where it counts, the GTX780 SLI setup was constantly ahead of the Titan. After all, nobody can watch Unigine on a loop, no matter how beautiful it is.

So the GTX780 was the sensible choice for all but the most well-heeled user or those who are seeking to break some world records. In SLI the GTX780 is the best choice for both your pocket and for those looking for the smoothest gameplay experience around. You could argue that for the two people who have three 30" monitors then perhaps the extra GDDR5 available to the GTX Titan frame buffer will mean that it will squeak out a little more performance than the GTX780, but if you could afford such an arrangement you'd buy the Titan's regardless of cost.

The GTX780 SLI setup is the current champion. The King. The Daddy. It bows to nobody. It has given us the highest scores we've ever seen in some tests, and out-performed even a GTX690 SLI setup, which isn't exactly lacking in performance. The GTX Titan exists solely for those with more money than sense, who rely upon the cachet of the name amongst those who believe that bigger must be better. It isn't though.

Thanks to Gigabyte for supplying the GTX780s and GTX Titans for our review. Discuss your thoughts in the OC3D Forums.

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Most Recent Comments

11-07-2013, 06:01:55

Really worth the extra $$$ for the Titans? I think not! (Not for any mainstream user atleast)Quote

11-07-2013, 06:21:12

It was good to see you prediction from when the 780's came out, which was that unless your doing high res and multiple displays, there is not really any point to buy titans except for bragging rights, the only thing is i guess that when water cooling, maybe the titans with the extra ram will over take the 780's by a larger margin. But for the general person, (like me ) the 780 will make alot of happy boys and girls if its a single card or more.Quote

11-07-2013, 06:24:28

Great video as always Tom.......i notice at 20:36 you mention SLI watercooling briefly and suggest series is better and you’re not a fan of parallel which is something i have always been a fan of also but would love to see a video of the two methods back to back while you’ve got the 780’s or Titans in house if you haven't got enough on your plate Quote

11-07-2013, 07:15:57

Personally i'd be a bit ed off with Nvidia if i'd bought a Titan only for them to release the 780 for a few hundred quid cheaper.

it's the same with the 680 and 670. Some 670s (Asus DCII) have the same performance and overclock better than some 680s. Not that much of a price difference between the 670 and 680 though, not compared to the 780 and Titan anyway.

Just like the 670s there are a few 780s with aftermarket coolers and factory overclocks which most likely beat the Titan as well.

As Tom said though the Titan is an Epeen card and most people that bought one bought it for that reason. Nothing wrong with that though.Quote

11-07-2013, 07:21:27

Nice video Tom, glad to see you're back. However, I have one small gripe. Why did you compare a 780 @ 954/1006 to a Titan @ 837/876 ? Not to defend the Titan but wouldn't it be fair to compare them stock to stock and/or OC to OC??Quote

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