EVGA RTX 2060 XC Ultra Review


EVGA RTX 2060 XC Ultra Review


Pretty much everything we've said about the RTX 2060 so far applies to the XC Ultra too.

If you're a gamer on a bit of a budget, but not one so tight that you're forced to play Stardew Valley at 1024x768, then unquestionably the RTX 2060 has a huge amount to offer. nVidia have deliberately aimed it at the ultra-popular 1080P resolution and the results demonstrate how ably the Turing GPU can handle this. No matter what title you play, how high you make your settings, there is more than enough horsepower to cope with even the most intense gaming with the biggest image quality glory. It's very easy to forget that most people don't own ultra-wide displays or triple-headed gaming setups and wonder why anyone would plump for a card in the middle of the pack, but as our purse-strings get tighter especially at this time of the year then the RTX 2060 makes a huge amount of sense. For much less than the current retail price of the GTX 1080 you're getting GTX 1080+ performance with all the latest bells and whistles of the RTX architecture.

Two areas that the RTX featureset show themselves off are in the DLSS and ray-tracing spheres. Both these technologies are new enough that they haven't got a huge amount of titles supporting them fully yet, or for ray-tracing fully taking advantage of the extra eye candy the RT cores can bring. If you're a gamer with an eye on the future then the results we obtained in Final Fantasy XV from the Tensor-powered DLSS show that you can bring super-sampling to the party without negatively impacting your frame rate. Since the dawn of anti-aliasing it has always come at a serious performance cost but now, with DLSS and attendant hardware, that is no longer the case. We can't wait for this to be a regular feature of the latest titles. The big tech demo for ray-tracing is undoubtedly Port Royal. The visuals are so sumptuous that it is the first enormous step forwards in image quality and sheer power to drop jaws since 3DFX launched the Voodoo. It's that much better. Until ray-tracing every movement towards higher fidelity was incremental improvements to texture size or polygon counts, until we have characters that look about as realistic as they could with current tech. Now everything looks utterly stunning and it wont be long before the old concept of games that look as good as films becomes reality.

The EVGA XC Ultra brings a lot of nice features to the RTX party. The cooler is robust and quiet, with even our meaty overclock not over-stressing things and the temperatures never broke 70°C no matter how hard we tried to saturate the cards calculative capabilities. We also really like the looks of it. Maybe we're slightly jaded because we see dozens of cards every year, but something as small as a unique fan blade design such as EVGAs really scores big points with us. Anything that isn't a generic black shroud with a couple of fans has to be considered a plus. The backplate is particularly nice, and given that this is the part of the card you see more than most then that also is a point in the XC Ultras favour.

nVidia's Turing GPUs are a stunning success and the RTX 2060 ticks a lot of the mainstream boxes. The EVGA RTX 2060 XC Ultra is a blinding take on the formula with a beefy factory overclock married to a great cooler and thus wins our OC3D Gamers Choice Award.

EVGA RTX 2060 XC Ultra Review  

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Most Recent Comments

20-01-2019, 17:05:23

The video on Rushkit looks and sounds great Guv.
For those who haven't seen it


21-01-2019, 06:07:54

Vids will probably evolve over the next few weeks/months but its definitely a good startQuote

21-01-2019, 06:24:56

Originally Posted by tinytomlogan View Post
Vids will probably evolve over the next few weeks/months but its definitely a good start
Absolutely a good start and TBH I'm looking forward to seeing how they evolve Quote

21-01-2019, 06:43:45

Would've loved to see a graph for BFV with RT on and off to see if RT is even remotely possible with this card as I think it's not or at least not playable.

RushKit looks mighty fine already indeed!Quote

21-01-2019, 08:51:02

Originally Posted by Peace Ð View Post
Would've loved to see a graph for BFV with RT on and off to see if RT is even remotely possible with this card as I think it's not or at least not playable.

RushKit looks mighty fine already indeed!

We are just waiting for BF V to level out, the updates have made such a huge difference so far its been difficult for us to graph without retesting. Just one game on one card takes us 30-40 minutesQuote

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