EVGA GTX460 SLI Review

Crysis Warhead, Dirt 2 and Metro 2033

EVGA GTX460 SLI Review

Crysis Warhead

Starting with the old faithful Crytek engined Crysis Warhead. Although we don't use anti-aliasing because of the woeful optimisation from Crytek, the EVGA SLI setup still rocks hard here, giving 71 FPS in both configurations.


Dirt 2

Dirt 2 comes with a heavy dose of anti-aliasing but unlike our Unigine tests it actually does affect the results negatively. Our overclock gives a great result too being 50% faster than the GTX480. Even at stock though it just eats through the frames.


Metro 2033

Metro 2033 is the Crysis of the current generation in that very little gives what we consider to be smooth frame-rates. However because of this it's a great way to test how much power is available to us. Here the EVGA GTX460 SLI is neck and neck with the GTX480 at stock, and takes a 4 frame lead when overclocked. 4 frames when you're only dealing with 40, is a nice increase.

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Most Recent Comments

17-09-2010, 05:19:10

EVGA? *swoons* don't tell me they finally let OC3D give their products some love?

*reads* cheers fellas !

Ahh, brilliant as always

I actually rather like the look of those cards too (eats some humble pie) as the stickers on them are quite tasteful and not overdone and gaudy.

Will stick with my 5770s (and hopefully soon AMD's 9800GTX for Physx) but if these had come sooner (7 months sooner) I would have had no qualms about grabbing a pair (ooer).

Thanks again for the reviews lads, Stepster will be very pleased. He can gloat even more on MSN now Quote

17-09-2010, 05:35:03

o_0 after seeing this I really wanna know how a pair of 470s would fare.Quote

17-09-2010, 05:46:07

Holy crap they get double my vantage score. Cant wait to see what my games run like with my new hardware.


Originally Posted by snoopy747 View Post

o_0 after seeing this I really wanna know how a pair of 470s would fare.
I have a pair of 470's on the way I would like to upload my 3D Mark 06 and VAntage scores when I get my new hardware.Quote

17-09-2010, 05:52:08

Steve. They may well get double your vantage scores but tbh mate you'd see very little difference in games. I had a 280 and it was smooth as silk in gaming. I never played a game that I couldn't max and even worry it. Just a shame it was so bloody hot

Very interested in seeing the results for a pair of 470s though !Quote

17-09-2010, 05:57:35

I agree my GTX280 is fair warm. Even with the improved cooling I done to my case which no longer holds heat and the 140MM fan blowing on my GTX280 it is 80C with 100% fan.

The 470's will be even hotter though and a lot louder lol.I will need to get sound dampening foam for my case to absorb some of that fan noise until I can afford better coolers for the GPU's. The reason for my upgrade is newer games are starting to push my GTX280 now and the motherboard , CPU and ram upgrade is for the video conversions etc.Quote

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