Deus Ex: Mankind Divided PC Performance Review


Deus Ex: Mankind Divided PC Performance Review


To start off Deus Ex Mankind Divided is a demanding game, one that will bring many systems to their knees if they try to run it at max settings right out of the gate. 

Mankind Divided is designed to run at 1080p 30FPS on the PS4 and 900p 30FPS on the Xbox One, which means that the combination of the higher resolutions and more demanding graphical options on the PC platform will require some top of the line hardware to run at a solid 60 frames per second, even at 1080p. 

The joys of the PC platform are that we are given a lot of choices, whether we want to sacrifice graphical details and play the game at increased resolution and framerates or settle for the console-grade 30FPS with a lot of extra graphical yum-yum. 

Even at 1080p, this game cannot be run at a solid 60FPS at maximum settings on our collection of GPUs, requiring gamers to make some visual sacrifices to achieve better in-game performance. Thankfully, the game does not have any major increases in graphical fidelity over high settings, so the highest settings are only really beneficial for taking static screenshots. 

Control-wise there is very little to complain about, with the game coming with some great stock keyboard and mouse controls, full rebinding options, and controller support gamers will easily be able to find a control method that suits them. The game also has a huge list of HUD options which will help a lot of gamers to adjust the game to suit their preferences. 

When it comes to graphical options Deus Ex: Mankind Divided offers gamers with almost every option that they could want, giving players plenty of options to gain performance or enhance the game's graphical fidelity both inside and outside the game. The game also includes an FOV slider in-game, which sadly uses a percentage-based scale rather than a simple angle based scale, which most PC gamers will be more familiar with. 

The only thing that I would like to see changed in the game's graphical option is the potential addition of a resolution scale option, as I am confident that a lot of lower end gamers may want to lower their resolution slightly to achieve a more reliable framerate. 

Hopefully the Deus Ex: Mankind Divided will be able to gain some extra performance when it's DirectX 12 patch is added in the future, as I am sure that a lot of gamers would love to be able to turn their graphical settings that little bit higher. 

All-in-all Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is a very demanding game, but the PC port is solid, we have experienced no issues during gameplay so far, even when using a broad range of hardware and such a variety of graphical settings. Hopefully Deus Ex: Mankind Divided's performance will improve with new GPU drivers and with DirectX 12, but if your GPU is a recent model you should not have many issues achieving a playable framerate on PC. 


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Most Recent Comments

26-08-2016, 04:58:05

One for the bargain bin perhaps. I was never a fan of DE any way so there's no way I'm paying up to £50 for a game like this.

Ah well, Nuka World in a couple of days and after that I will probably begin a complete playthrough of FO4 using a female character any way.Quote

26-08-2016, 15:38:52

Think I'll see how dx12 is before I think about getting this game. My usual way of working my graphics settings is to set everything to max @4k, and then drop down to custom resolutions like 3456x1944 etc, until I get a comfortable framerate. And maybe dropping the textures down for Vram.
I don't see the point in turning off things like HBAO and hairworks etc and missing out on the experience just for higher resolution. I'm talking about Witcher and Fo4 and ROTTR etc... Of course this game will probably be a different story altogether..Quote

26-08-2016, 19:50:44

its like crysis and crysis 3 all over again either needing sli or waiting a generation to play at max fidelity, Oh well I guess I will wait for the DX12 patch and hope the 1080 actually benefits from asynchronous compute like the AMD cards doQuote

26-08-2016, 22:37:23

I find it interesting that every single test card just so happens to be an Asus card.. lol

Edit: Just for future reference as I didn't find it, I think you should give a screenshot for each setting used at different resolutions(that is if they change between resolutions) so we can know exactly what is what. I think it would be useful
Because for example if these results were all AA maxed at every resolution, dropping it to disabled/0 could mean the game is actually playable at say 1440p instead of nearly just so. Although i think 4k still would have sucked performance wise.Quote

27-08-2016, 13:57:16

I've seen quite a few different tests done with single cards and the results are all over the place as everyone seems to be getting different results even when using the same GPU's and settings.Quote

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