Batman: Arkham Knight AMD vs Nvidia Performance Review


Batman: Arkham Knight AMD vs Nvidia Performance Review


When compared to the original release Batman: Arkham Knight has had a dramatic transformation from graphics that were notably worse than the PS4 and performance which could be kindly describes as unplayable by almost all PC gamers to a game which can be called a respectable port.

Right now the game is far from perfect, with some users still experiencing some issues and crossfire and SLI support being terrible at this moment in time, but it is certainly a port which had it been release like this initially it would certainly not have received much complaints from consumers. 

When comparing AMD's R9 Fury X to Nvidia's GTX 980Ti we can see that neither GPU has a commanding advantage over the other, with Nvidia leading by only a few FPS under all settings and resolutions, which is fantastic to see on a GameWorks title. However there are some notable differences in the games visuals when using GPUs from the two different brands, especially when high above the city when looking at the games fog and smoke, though these differences alone are not enough to clearly say that the game was tinkered with to give either side a performance advantage.

The two biggest problems that I have with the game are the fact that there is no option in the game to completely uncap the framerate above 90FPS and the game only offering AA in the form of what is believed to be FXAA, which causes the games visuals to be notably more blurry and less defined.

Moving from the games lowest to highest settings do not make as big of a visual leap as can be seen in many other modern titles, with most of the differences being in objects in the medium to far distance, with the detail of Batman, the bat-mobile and Gotham's many thugs remaining pretty much the same. 

To conclude Batman: Arkham Knight is now a game which I would define as very playable, though it is still very far from a perfect PC port.  

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Most Recent Comments

30-10-2015, 12:36:53

silly question, did you fully close and reload the game after changing settings between low/medium/high/very-high etc and not just for gameworks ?Quote

30-10-2015, 13:02:15

Originally Posted by SuB View Post
silly question, did you fully close and reload the game after changing settings between low/medium/high/very-high etc and not just for gameworks ?
Yeah, that is why many of the screenshots can be recognised as game quick save locations in the early sections of the game.

The biggest difference in most of the games settings seem to mainly be changing VRAM consumption, which is really high in this game when you crank the settings up. With everything enabled it can almost use 4GB at 1080p.Quote

30-10-2015, 13:10:56

the fact that you mention that close up objects stay relatively the same when adjusting gfx settings points firmly to them being the same textures used on the consoles (consoles usually have everything that's close looking nice as it is what is mostly noticed )
this is pretty disappointing to me as it makes me think that the graphics quality is only at the same lvl as say the ps4 version. with only draw distance LOD being controlled by gfx settings.
to me that is lazy work, i was really looking forward to this game and almost pre ordered but i was short on money. now after the botched release and from reading the mini review/comparison i think i will leave it untill its £4.99 in a steam sale.Quote

30-10-2015, 14:18:52

Excellent write up Mark !

I have my fingers crossed.. I'll try this tomorrow and see if it's been fixed. It was awful before. I got to the car scene and it was just bombing FPS wise to around 12 @ 4k.Quote

30-10-2015, 16:53:46

I dont know Digital Foundry says the new update is still a bag of **** needing a 980ti just to play the thing is a poor show tbh

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