ASUS RTX 2070 ROG Strix OC Review


ASUS RTX 2070 ROG Strix OC Review


When we were rounding up our testing of the RTX 2080Ti, and indeed the regular RTX 2080 it was clear that nVidia had managed to produce incredibly consistent yields of their latest Turing GPU. The days when high end graphics cards had speed-binned GPUs seem to be behind us, as the end results are almost identical across the board.

With the release of the RTX 2070 it seemed that things might be true with the TU106 too, but as we'd only had MSI cards to test it wasn't something we could truly state with confidence. Now we have had the range-topping Strix OC 8G in our graphics card test rig it seems clear that the mid-range RTX card has that same consistent performance we saw from the flagship models.

In every test it was very difficult to separate any of the RTX 2070s, you should remember this in our conclusion because you can purchase one for as little as £469. No matter the resolution, or whether we were testing an older title or the very latest top seller, the results were almost identical across the cards. Whilst this consistency might make it difficult for us as there isn't a clearly defined line between the ones you should buy and all the rest, for the consumer it's a god send. Instead of having to buy a particular card to maximise your bang for buck you can choose the one that fits your other components, or has the best extra features, or just you like the look of or suits your wallet the best.

As far as the ASUS RTX 2070 Strix OC is concerned those unique elements stack up well. Aesthetically we've always been a big fan of the sharp angles and tight corners on the DirectCU shroud and the Strix in particular wears them well. Creases in designs are very much of the now and the Strix is no exception and just looks a lot better than a big rectangular block. The placement of the RGB lighting around the three fans also lets the lower half of your system glow with your chosen colour, whilst the large ROG logo on the black backplate helps the CPU side of your rig look the part whilst also catching the eye and letting everyone know where your brand loyalties lie. The addition of fan headers at the inside end of the card are a stroke of genius. The vast majority of your cool air is supplied by case fans, and being able to attach intake fans to the GPU - the one element of your setup that needs the most airflow - lets it bring in more air if needed without you having to manually adjust your fan speeds every time you play a game or, worst still, have them running hard and loud when you're tooling around on your desktop.

With an MSRP of £659 the ASUS ROG Strix OC 8G is at the top of the RTX 2070 cards on the market, but the consistent performance and range of extra features combine beautifully with the exceptionally low temperatures of the DirectCU cooler to produce a card that should at least be on your shortlist if you want an all Asus system. Sadly though that price and extra spend at this level of card doesnt really get you any real performance increase and should be considered when deciding what you want to spend on a card that can be had for as little as £469.    

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Most Recent Comments

13-11-2018, 12:02:14

Same price as a 2080!!! Asus tax is realQuote

13-11-2018, 17:41:05

Beautiful card (fit and finish) as usual, but man that price.Quote

14-11-2018, 01:44:14

The price is definitely a breaker for this card...

What are the 1080Ti's prices at currently? I mean, it performs better if you're not that much into 4K, so the 1080Tis might be a better solution if you're in desperate need for an upgrade...Quote

14-11-2018, 03:41:25

A lot is saved by avoiding glass panels in your PC case.

Just saying :-)Quote

14-11-2018, 05:11:46

The "ASUS Tax" is really becoming a thing this generation. There's always been a premium for their stuff and to a point you could argue it's worth it but this is getting ridiculous...Quote

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