ASUS GTX960 Strix Review

Up Close

ASUS GTX960 Strix Review

Up Close

We've taken a look at the features in this overview, so let's get down to business. The DirectCU II cooler is one of our favourites, and the GTX960s design is closest to the owl eyes that define the Strix brand that we've seen so far. Perhaps the extremely stubby nature of the PCB has really let the ASUS designers go crazy.

ASUS GTX960 Strix Review     ASUS GTX960 Strix Review  

Modern high-end cards are so big that the diminutive size of the Strix GTX960 comes as something of a surprise. We know that the GTX750Ti wasn't big but the GTX960 is, if anything, even smaller. It's great that ASUS have still seen fit to include a backplate. It really adds an air of class to proceedings.

ASUS GTX960 Strix Review     ASUS GTX960 Strix Review  

Small but perfectly formed neatly sums up the GTX960 in Strix guise, and only the single 6pin PCIe power gives away that this isn't a range-topping offering, but rather all the bells and whistles thrown at a very affordable card. We love the looks and we're sure you do too.

ASUS GTX960 Strix Review     ASUS GTX960 Strix Review  

ASUS GTX960 Strix Review     ASUS GTX960 Strix Review  

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Most Recent Comments

22-01-2015, 08:58:58

Holy , Im so glad I took a sick day off school!
This is pretty amazingQuote

22-01-2015, 09:00:08

Awesome sauce, Included the vid and a link to the review in the latest driver thread Quote

22-01-2015, 09:16:56

Its rival technically is the 285 now. I think they've stopped selling the 280 and 280x.Quote

22-01-2015, 09:20:57

Is it just me or has this gotten way too much praise... You say

"In nearly every title the GTX960 comfortably outperforms the GTX750Ti, GTX760 and, more often than not, the GTX770."

It does indeed outperform the 750Ti in everything, much to be expected. But sometimes the 760 outperforms the 960 sometimes. I don't know about you, but I find this fact simply appalling. Performance (sometimes) went down after an entire generation? I don't see the 770 outperforming (or even getting close to) the 970, or the 780 to 980 the same. Why is the 960 seemingly gimped compared to those, and how/why is this acceptable or even good?

You also state the 960 more often than not outperforms the 770. There are only like 5 charts in the entire review it ties or beats the 770, out of 16, and not by much at all. How exactly does the 960 more often then not perform better than the 770 if this is the case?

I think the only impressive thing about this card (and the 960 as a whole from all the reviews I have seen so far) really is it's power usage. Which is pretty impressive indeed. I think because the 960 is a blend of the 750Ti (same memory controller etc) and a cut down 970.

If/When AMD counter with a price cut, I don't really see much reason for anyone to buy a 960 honestly.

Also. I don't know if you have noticed, but the PCB of the ASUS 960 actually has a 192 bit bus (6 memory locations with only 4 filled), its simply not used on the 960. Almost guaranteed that there will be a 960Ti soon which is what the 960 should have been originally.Quote

22-01-2015, 09:41:27

Forgot to add, this card is amazing power draw wise. Shame there isn't more VRAM though.Quote

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