ASUS GTX1080 Ti Strix OC SLI OverKILL3D Review


ASUS GTX 1080 Ti Strix OC SLI Review


If you've ever had any experience with a multi-GPU setup then you'll know that there are always a few hurdles to overcome. Not every developer has designed their game properly to scale with the amount of hardware available. Equally the driver writers are all about getting the most performance from the latest titles, rather than going back and fixing some of the older games. Nobody ever got a headline written because they'd solved a bug in a 3 year old game, but having the best performance in the new kid on the block will ignite forums everywhere. Eventually the drivers mature, or the games get patched, but early in its lifespan it's always important to check before you buy. Particularly if there is a certain title that is the reason behind your desire for increased performance.

Another problem, although of much smaller importance, is that the GTX 1080 Ti Strix OC is already powerful enough to be twiddling its thumbs in most games at 1080P. Add another into the mix and even with our heavily overclocked Core i7 you know that 99% of the time we're CPU limited and the GPUs are just kicking their heels and waiting for something to do.

One area in which we largely saw insane performance across the board, despite any driver/game/CPU limitations, was the 4K results. If you're even remotely considering spending the thick end of a grand on graphical horsepower then a 4K monitor is the bare minimum you should be running, and to this end its great to see a setup which finally frees us from the tyranny of a 4K slideshow and pumps out gameplay smoother than a freshly shaved baby.

The GTX 1080 Ti Strix OC SLI is overkill for everything but the most demanding titles at the most demanding resolutions and yet, paradoxically, it's these very scenarios in which it shines the brightest. Run a simple title at a 1080 resolution and you could be forgiven for wondering why you made such an expensive investment, but run the latest greatest title at 4K with all the settings turned up to eleven and it pumps out average frame rates so far ahead of the competition that it leaves us slack-jawed in wonderment. 

DX12 still hasnt opened its eyes to SLI or for that matter any dual GPU set ups. We hope all the promises of mixed GPU rigs and basically dual graphics of any level get the support they should because right now it puts a massive downer on any of the new DX12 titles. Patience has gone, its time for Microshaft to finally get it sorted. Thats not a typo by the way ;).

So yes, the GTX 1080 Ti Strix OC SLi is everything you would hope it to be. Insanely expensive, insanely good. As soon as the early driver issues are sorted out we think it will consistently deliver the performance that we've seen glimpses of in some of the benchmarks we've shown today. You already know you want it, them, us, your wives sister. What?

ASUS GTX 1080 Ti Strix OC SLI Review  
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Most Recent Comments

05-04-2017, 01:07:19

This was a very good review Tom and a lot of the comments you made were the reason I went away from SLI myself some time back, heat is a bit of a problem and living in a hot country it plays it's part, the fact that game dev's don't really support SLI much anymore just doesn't justify the price of having the second card.
I also agree with you wholeheartedly that 1440p is the sweet spot for a monitor
TBH I think that instead of buying two cards people would be better off buying one 1080 Ti and putting the money into something like a 34-35 1440p gsync monitorQuote

05-04-2017, 13:08:40

Too many reviews in a short time Tom?

SLI is still more pain than actual gain. Going for the strongest single card you can is still the way to go. But for the show off purposes this is No. 1. Quote

05-04-2017, 13:18:37

If this review was to be described with a game's name, it'd probably be "Life Is Strange"

It's really awesome to see this performance at 4k, finally! Still way too expensive though and what happened to the good old micro stuttering, I always heard of? Is this a thing of the past?

Funnily enough, with my 1080p60 monitor, I will soon be at a point, where my monitor is too bad, to play modern games, wtf

Also, Tom, the graph for 3D Mark Vantage has the top 4 card setups twice in it, but you'll probably already noticed that. Haven't watched the video yet.Quote

05-04-2017, 19:43:42

After viewing the video review I decided to pull the trigger on a single 1080Ti, however would I not be better off with 1080 SLI for the 4k gaming ?Quote

05-04-2017, 23:31:32

Originally Posted by pcdvd View Post
After viewing the video review I decided to pull the trigger on a single 1080Ti, however would I not be better off with 1080 SLI for the 4k gaming ?
As Tom said in the video only go sli if you know your games will utilise it, there's not much point if they don'tQuote

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