Asus GeForce GTX 460 1GB DirectCu




It can be safely said that the GTX 460 1GB is a very capable graphics card. None of the games in our testing regime were unplayable and for most of the part, it is a serious threat to ATi's Radeon HD 5770, 5830 and 5850 graphics cards. 

Out of the box, the Asus GeForce GTX 460 TOP offered framerates that are quite similar to our heavily overclocked 768MB sample, while further gains were obtained once the Asus was pushed to its limits. It seems quite evident that the uprated cooler and voltage tweaking facilities have paid off. Here however lies a serious problem; at what price are these extras still worthwhile?

For those who are interested in motors, let's talk about the Ford Fiesta ST150; a 150bhp petrol “warm” hatch. It is possible to buy factory approved kits from aftermarket manufacturers to take it's engine to the realms of “hot” hatch territory. Induction kits, exhausts, turbo chargers, you name it; it can all be purchased. Technically it might be possible to push over 200bhp out of its engine but you will have spent thousands of pounds making this happen. In hindsight, it might have made more sense to purchase the Ford Focus ST, which offers better performance out of the factory but thanks to its 2.5 litre turbocharged engine, it has the potential to reach silly speeds once modified, leaving the little Fiesta in the dust. This is the trap that the Asus GTX 460 DirectCu falls into.

With a RRP of ~£195, Asus' heavily modified GTX 460 has a plain and simple competitor. That's right folks, its the Radeon HD 5850. A reference HD 5850 will perform very similarly straight from the box for a similar outlay but once overclocked, there is simply no comparison; the ATi will win every time.

In theory this graphics card is a real winner. It offers a sizable factory overclock that will entertain anyone too afraid to tweak a graphics card themselves, yet has the facilities to wet the appetite of those who really push their computer hardware to their limits. Furthermore, the build quality is fantastic and the cooler is also effective. Sadly this has all come at a high price and now Asus' range topping GTX 460 swims with much bigger fish. However, if money or the competition isn't of great concern to you, then this is the nVidia graphics card to buy. Well done Asus.

The Good
- Voltage Tweak Feature
- Performance
- Relatively Quiet Operation
- Overclocking Ability

The Mediocre
- Price is too close to HD 5850

The Bad
- None


Thanks to Asus for the sample on test today, you can discuss our results in the forums.

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Most Recent Comments

27-07-2010, 06:19:58

There's no doubting the performance of this card, the extra memory and bandwidth definitely help with increasing minimum frame rate considerably and giving a boost overall. My issue is, why did ASUS change from a clean black and red for ATi and black and green for Nvidia, to the rather curious blue tone? I'm not a massive fan personally, but I know there'll be people who like the new scheme. Still, I doubt it would stop me from buying it if I wanted a well-made 460!Quote

27-07-2010, 08:07:34

Excellent review specially the part where you compare the cars to the cards only I noticed two things first CRYSIS is not playable at 17 fps minimum I know that (1920X1080 4XAA 8XAF Enthusiast) are a bit extreme but you should have tested on high settings instead of enthusiast with 2XAA, second CCL don’t have this model from ASUS they only have the 768mb model for 188£ so I don’t know where you got the 195£ from on top of the page anyway great stuff Mr Chidrawar and of course tom.Quote

27-07-2010, 09:08:33

Wonder how this compares to the Gainward 1gb gtx 460 GS-GLH

Also does anyone know what do an Sli pare of these compare to because hear alot of mix messages on thatQuote

27-07-2010, 15:17:21

The reviews I've seen say two of these beat all single cards except the 5970...

Nice review by the way.. Just wish you could have got a couple in for the Sli tests.

Oh yeah, while I remember, slight typo on page 4 I think.

"Straight from the box, the Asus GTX 480 holds a 1000PPD lead over the reference 768MB graphics card. The fun doesn't end here as once overclocked, the graphics card was pulling just short of 11000PPD in the above 611 point projects."Quote

27-07-2010, 16:05:56

shame i was expecting more from the 1gb asus cards especialy with the voltage tweak,but saying that most of the 460's have the option,mine does but its just locked to 1.085mvQuote

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