Asus EN GTX285 1GB Graphics Card



After a long wait, the re-birth of the fastest single GPU based graphics card on the planet is here, the GTX285.

Successor to the phenomenally successful GTX280, the GTX285 has received a die shrink to 55nm as well as a slightly redesigned card as we shall see later in the review. Thanks to the shift over to the 55nm process Nvidia have used smaller transistors and as a result clockspeeds have been increased along with a reduction in power usage. This has allowed Nvidia to use 2x 6pin PCIe cables rather than the 280's 6+8 pin configuration which should appeal to the wider market, especially those who don't have an 8 pin PCIe cable at their disposal.

Power requirements aside, the main attraction of the 285 is the increased clockspeeds as standard. The GTX280 had a 602MHz / 2.2GHz core/memory clockspeed. This has been tweaked slightly to 648MHz / 2.484GHz. While this might not appear to be a huge increase, especially when compared to ATI clockspeeds, there will still hopefully be plenty of overclocking headroom left in the card as with the GTX280. Overclocked editions are already in the works, and no doubt Asus have the TOP edition ready to roll. But for todays review we will be looking at the standard, stock clocked ENGTX285 from Asus.

Nvidia boldly claim that they expect to see a 10% improvement over the GTX280 in benchmarks so it will be an interesting read to see if our results back up or dispute Nvidia's claims. Let's take a closer look at the GTX285's specification...
 GTX 280
GTX 285
GPU Size576 mm²470 mm²
GPU Frequency602 MHz648 MHz
Shader Frequency1296 MHz1476 MHz
Memory Frequency1107 MHz1242 MHz
Memory Interface512 Bit512 Bit
Stream processors 240240
Memory bandwidth140,7 GB/s159,0 GB/s
Pixelrate19.264 MP/s20.736 MP/s
Texelrate48.160 MT/s51.840 MT/s
FLOPs933 Gflops1063 Gflops
TDP236 Watt183 Watt

With frequency increases of 7.6%(GPU), 13.9%(shader) and 12.2%(memory) to the GTX285 the increase in performance should equal out to around the 10% mark when compared to the GTX280. Power consumption has been decreased by 53W, so those worried about electricity bills should feel a little more relaxed, especially those intending to use a TRI-SLI setup! This power decrease should also reduce the heat given off by those increased frequencies but all this is conjecture at the present. Rest assured we will be looking into these claims during this review.

So, impressive figures indeed from the new revision. Let's move on to the appearance and packaging section of todays review...
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Most Recent Comments

15-01-2009, 12:12:24

Hmm. Well that was disappointing. Considering the 280s recently had a much needed price cut in anticipation of this card I was hoping it would really blow my socks off. However my feet remain very much covered by the cotton, especially as the price is back to where it was.

I know that the Nvidia single-GPU solution is flipping amazing, but at these price-points it's hard not to appreciate ATIs take on the situation where Crossfire 4850s still rule, and are cheaper too.

Maybe Physx will eventually overtake Havok and so be useful in something other than synthetics, but it isn't looking likely.

Thanks for the review. Glad removing the cooler didn't cause you to sweat too much


15-01-2009, 14:36:57

I feel the same as vonblade... I was hoping the card would run a lot cooler and be more reasonably priced..

I think the 295 reprarents far better value..

Nice review though!Quote

15-01-2009, 15:18:34

Great review as usual Rich. Looks a nice card, but why buy that when the 4870 X2 beats the hell outta it in most games and the 280 is good vfm Quote

15-01-2009, 15:22:14

Nice review. I'd expect a £40 massage within a number of weeks on the existing prices.

I'm not sure, thinking about it, that the 184.xx drivers will be "the ones" that excite this card and the 295, or the 194.xx release.

If the card comes with 18x.xx drivers, I'd think the former. It would be odd for them to be on the same level as the 280 tho. I kinda expected a 195.xx beta set to be on the cd/dvd tbh.

This is with the i7 at stock isn't it ?Quote

15-01-2009, 18:47:50

nice review, i guess ati better start coming out with some new cards soon Quote

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