Asus EN 8800 GTX - nVidia's G80 Performance Revealed


Page <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> Posted 18/11/06
Author: Matthew Kemp (kempez)
Product Acquired: Asus


There's no doubting that in the 8800 series, nVidia have made themselves a very nice card indeed. The new architecture and implementation of unified shaders have left a lot of people in the technology community surprised and excited. nVidia have "done" unified shaders the right way with a clean and clever implementation.

The high-quality feature implementation when using AA and AF are a huge improvement on the 7 series cards and at last nVidia have sorted out the quality problems they had rendering AF. Not only have nVidia solved these quality issues, but they have done so in such a way as to speed up the rendering of the higher quality features far above that on the previous generation of cards.

For high quality, ultra-high resolution gaming there's no doubt that an 8800GTX should be being built into your Gaming PC right now. It looks like ATI will be late to the party so the 8 series may be sitting in quite a few people's PC's before too long.

DirectX 10 is of course not out yet. This is where I foresee a stumbling block with people opening their wallets. Games like Crytek need to be out to fully utilise DX10 and DX10 cards, but we haven't seen any of them out yet as the API isn't out yet. With Microsoft saying that to play DX10 games you need Vista this makes the upgrade to DX10 that little bit more expensive which puts a bit of a downer on this incredibly fast card.

Coming onto the Asus bundle: it's a very nice bundle that comes with the card with two full games and 3DMark06 as well so full marks to Asus on that one. If you want to pick one up then it's yours for the princely fee of £461.25 @ SpecialTech. Is it worth this money right now: well it all depends if you're cutting edge or not. Personally I think this card is worth every penny, but then I'm in that "must have it now" user bracket.

I'm awarding the nVidia 8800GTX the "Innovation Award" and the Asus 8800GTX the "Gamers Choice Award" as well as an "Editors Choice Award". Quite some feat for one review item!

Asus 8800GTX

editors choice

gamers choice

nVidia 8800 Series GPU's

asus 8800gtx innovation


+ Very fast
+ First card with DX10 support
+ Quiet Cooler
+ Great bundle
+ Excellent Image Quality
+ Innovative implementation of DX10 API


- Awaiting DX10
- CPU bound

Thanks to Asus for providing the review sample

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Most Recent Comments

24-12-2007, 17:24:49

Great insight into the higher end of the gpu spectrum.

I have to be fair, even tho u`ve got a 1 to 4 positioning, I don`t think there`s that much in it for any of them. I know the Ati slides in the rankings, but it does show itself to be a fine card.

An interesting comparison would have been performance versus costing, seeing as they`re as close as they appear to be.

I`m a bit at odds with the oc results too. I simply can`t achieve the memory overclock on my GT without it having fits. But I can clock the gpu to around 720 (from 670).

What would impress me is some1 buying the cheapest GT, putting it under water, and claiming back those clock hertz with their superior cooling. Sounds nice.

Suprizes me a bit tho that the GTS isn`t launched as a bigger performer. Although pricewize, it does seem to start from stock where the GT limit starts. Leaving u further to climb

Nice review m8, think every1s doing the "going to bed early to get up early" trick Quote

24-12-2007, 17:25:40

Nice to see this review is finally up

Shame I cant view it as 128k is painfully slow :sleep:Quote

24-12-2007, 18:07:43

Thing is though there is a BIOS voltmod for the 8800GT that GREATLY increases its overclockability. If there isn't one for the 8800GTS I see them both reaching high limits but so far the 8800GT seems to OC better. With good cooling and the volt mod this thing easily passes 800mhz core, I've seen some at 850+.

What you also go to look at as well is shaders, they seem to be the key thing atm if the shaders OC much better on the 8800GT, which I guess they kinda should since they could simply lock the worst performing ones to get it top out better, it could impact performance in certain titles a lot.

Nice review though I was surprised the 8800GT didn't clock more, there wasn't a heat issue was there?

It should also be said about the supposed problems of the memory modules on the 8800GT, seems that long term use of the memory at 2ghz+ and it brakes. Thats why some companies like Zotac use better memory modules for their cards.Quote

24-12-2007, 18:29:40

Great review Kempez, can't wait to open my GTS tomorrow Quote

24-12-2007, 18:34:22

The GT was a little hot yes, but I will never change the cooling or take off the heatsink prior to running any tests. I test every card as it would be when it appears on your doorstep

Volt-modding is not part of the overclocking testing as the percentage of users who do that is small and it voids any warranty you have.

An overclock is dependent on what RAM is used, what cooling is like and also what luck you get with the silicon...the overclocking gods didn't smile on me this time

@Rast: I agree, the ATI card is a great card as I said in the ATI review, but this review was for these two cards. Having said that: would I buy the HD3850 personally? No, I'd go for an 8800 GTS 512mb G92 or an 8800 GT 512 G92 It's simply not fast enough with every game, I'm afraid.Quote

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