ASUS EN9800GT 512mb PCI-E


ConclusionAsus 9800GT
It is plainly obvious that the 9800GT is little more than the 8800GT we had known and loved. However, times change, technology advances and while ATI have made some significant progress, NVidia have continued to churn out cards based on last generation technology. The 9800GT is one such example.
That isn't to say the 9800GT is a bad card as it's quite clearly a capable piece of hardware. It is stylish, silent and powerful enough to play all but Crysis at high settings with AA and AF applied which, weighing in at under £100, is an great achievement.
Previously, the 8800GT had little competition from ATI and the NVidia card ruled supreme as the mid-range card of choice. This year there is a new kid in town and ATI have pulled out all the stops to release a formidable mid-range card that simply blows the 9800GT (or 8800GT depending on your preference) out of the water with regards to raw performance. While NVidia have been resting on their laurels, ATI have developed a card that not only outperforms the NVidia offering but also has a better Price/Performance ratio in the majority of games -bucking the trend that the more you pay the less ratio you get. So with that said, why would anyone buy the 9800GT?
The 9800GT is TRI SLI capable and also has slightly updated OpenGL support (2.1). As its name suggests the EN9800GT is HybridPower™ and Hybrid SLI® compatible should you be lucky enough to own a motherboard supporting these features (780a chipset). These are perhaps the only worthwhile improvements to the 8800GT. However, why anyone would want to TRI SLI 3 9800GT's when for the same price they could have a single 280GTX that costs less, and on most occassions, would outperform the three cards is beyond me.
Before reviewing this card, my one hope for the 9800GT was for it to be cheap. It needed to be cheap if it was going to generate sales and be competitive so while £95 is hardly expensive, there are better options that give much more bang per buck. Therefore, I think we have shown that while the ASUS EN9800GT is a very attractive, cool and silent running card, it ultimately fails to deliver the goods when compared with the current competition.
 The Good
- Silent
- Blue PCB
- Solid capacitors for long life
- SLI capable
The Mediocre
- Performance
- Price
- No included game
The Bad
- So 'last year'
Reviewed Award
Thanks to ASUS for providing the EN 9800GT 'Hybridpower' and HD4850 for this review.
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Most Recent Comments

26-09-2008, 07:24:59

Can the ASUS EN9800GT claim the middleweight crown in the GPU market or will the HD4850 still reign supreme? (Review by webbo)

Check out the reviewQuote

26-09-2008, 07:44:15

Good review. It does indeed look like a 8800GT with a gpu switch over. However I would draw exception to the comparison of it with a 4850. In my mind, the 4850 is to compete with the likes of the 260 from an nVidia pov, hence u can use the comment of "so last year" cos, well, it is. Immediately seeing the 4850 being held against it, I was quite supprized that it held up as close as it did in some respects. It`s counterpart, the 3850 (imo) may well have produced a different picture. Likewize the 260/4850. It`s a tough call cos on the one hand a company is producing a range whereas the other is introduce 2, mainly with slight manufacturing differences.

They are however closer matched cost per frame than the other variations may be, which is where u probably could consider them to be competitors for that region.

The look of this ASUS range of cooling is growing on me. I did think it looked fugly when I seen it first, and don`t have a particular liking of that direction of cooler on a gfxcard - even tho it is a solid method, I`d prefer to blow across and hopefully out of the case rather than swirling around inside hoping for a good exhaust fan. It`s hard to have that blowing across method without a dual slot approach tho.

Great read.Quote

26-09-2008, 08:29:15

I think the 4850 is designed to compete with the 9800GTX+ which it matches more closely. The 1GB 4850 is way above this price point. I agree with Rast, the cooling should be across and out of the case. I think the card is for those who want more than the 9600GT without stepping up £50 to the 9800GTX range. It also offers those with more sense to look for an 8800GT with almost all of the features (oh no I lose hybrid SLI, that I don't have support for) for a massively reduced price.

A really good review as ever guys.Quote

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