ASUS Ares Review


ASUS Ares Review


At the risk of stating the obvious, because we're pretty sure the name gives it away, but we're overclockers here at Overclock3D. We like nothing more than extracting the most possible performance out of something that is great value for money.

After all, we're only enthusiasts like you. We're not bankrolled by an enormous publisher or similar. Contrary to popular opinion we aren't up to our knees in free hardware either. Or even up to our ankles. We buy it just like you do, via saving hard and sweet-talking our better halves.

So naturally our first reaction to the Ares is exactly the same as yours. Oh my God I want one so much. How much?! But you can buy two 5870s for much less. However let's stop right there.

The Ares is most certainly NOT something for your average user. It isn't something for those who seek the best value for money or the most bang for buck. What it is, and to the highest degree, is engineering excellence. It's an ultra high-end product for those who demand the absolute best.

Let's leap into simile mode for a moment. The UK speed limit is 70 MPH. Absolutely every car you can buy will easily hit 70 MPH. But if that is the sole criteria then why aren't we all driving Fiat 500s? It's because it's not all about the absolute performance, it's also about style, and engineering, and how you get there. Yes a Porsche might be more expensive than a Mini, and both have as much top end, but it's the manner of the drive, how you get to that top end and the sheer class that make it something we all lust after owning.

The Ares is just like that. Let us all be in no doubt, this is fearsomely pricey. Most of our entire computers cost less than this card. It's also insanely fast. Comfortably spanking the other twin-GPU on the market (the 5970) and even a 5870 Crossfire setup. So if you're in the market for absolute performance without any other consideration then of course it's tough not to look at the 4 or 500 hundred pound price difference between a Crossfire setup and an Ares and not think your money is better spent on that. And well it might be. But you're missing the point.

This isn't about value. This isn't about the "sensible" choice. This is about demanding the absolute best that money can buy and not settling for less. It's uncompromising. It's a Bugatti Veyron, a Rolls Royce, Concorde. It's better engineered than you'll ever need, faster than you could ever use and eye-wateringly pricey.

But it's also a work of art. Stunning to look at. Beautifully engineered. It comes in the finest packaging you're ever likely to see.

If you absolutely must have the ultimate, this is it. Cool. Quiet. Faster than the England team exiting a tournament. We love it. It's what dreams are made of. And now sadly they must go back...



Thanks to Asus for supplying our Ares for review. Discuss in our forums.

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Most Recent Comments

07-07-2010, 05:55:35

Oh yes. The time has come. The NDA is lifted. Here is the moment you've been gagging for. Benchmarks!

Continue ReadingQuote

07-07-2010, 06:27:59

Great review Tom, I thoroughly enjoyed reading through that.

It performs even better than I expected. There's even more headroom for OCing, impressive. Your conclusion hits the nail on the head though, fantastic product, but the price. It's not for everyone, in fact, it's only for a few.

Is this the future of the high end GPU market?Quote

07-07-2010, 07:04:05

Id say this is Asus own arena atm tbh, the other manu's making Extreme 5970's are weak as its just a stock card with more memory. The original 5970s biggest problem was power delivery and heat, this solves both. How XFX can charge a grand for their card amazes me as its nothing compaired to this.

Ill get off my soap box quick as Im in the mood for bashing!Quote

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