Asus 2600XT and 2600Pro - ATI mid range performance

Asus EAH 2600 XT

The Asus 2600 XT: Packaging, package and the card itself

NOTE: As both Asus cards are very similar I will cut these two pages a little shorter than usual.


Asus have done a nice job packaging up their 2600 XT (and indeed 2600 Pro), the box is in the usual subtle Asus style, but with an added CGI rendered young lady. Advertised well is the fact that a non-standard cooler has been used on the card "10°C Cooler" apparently...

asus 2600 xt box front

asus 2600 xt box rear

Ripping open the box, I took a quick look inside.

asus 2600 xt inside

Good work inside though a little room to slide around.


Asus haven't put a whole load in with their 2600 XT as is usual with mid-range cards, certainly nothing on the 2900 XT package.

We have:

* "Speed Setup" manual
* CD-based manual
* Driver CD
* ATI Internal Crossfire dongle
* DVI to VGA connector
* S-Video to component cable

asus 2600 xt bundle

Hardware-wise not a bad lot of kit, but nothing to give you any High Definition viewing like DVD player software, which is a slight shame.

The Card

The card itself is a nice looking bit of kit. Coloured in red, one of my favourite PCB colours, initial impressions are good.

asus 2600 XT card asus 2600 xt

The card is pretty small in height and length but it is the cooler that dominates the picture here. The cooler is a Zalman-esque GPU cooler with a fairly large fan in the middle.

asus 2600 xt cooler side

Side on we can see that a solid base then dissipates the heat with fins fanning out from the base.

asus 2600 xt caps

Caps are a mixed bunch with some solid capacitors and a few high quality normal Japanese caps mixed in. This is Asus saving a little on cost, but the caps are still high quality and shouldn't give you any hassle.

asus 2600 xt cooler screws

Four screws attach the cooler to the PCB, although as you will see below this isn't the only fixing mechanism.

asus 2600 xt dvi

Double Dual-link DVI and a TV-out on the card complete outputs with HDCP-ready...ummm...ness :)

The Cooler

The cooler as I have said above is a pretty nicely done affair and smacks of Zalman to me (although ThermalTake and others have similar models). It's effective in getting rid of the hot stuff: with a pretty hot ambient of 23.4°C it sat at 37°C idle and topped out at 58°C load. None too shabby.

asus 2600 xt cooler

The whole affair is as quiet as I've heard on a GPU active air cooler with barely a whisper escaping at full load. Perfect for media PCs.

Now usually at this point I'd give you some money shots of some "nekkid" R630 chips and show you what kind of thermal paste has been applied. Unfortunately I simply couldn't get the cooler free of the card. The screws were undone easily enough but it wouldn't budge despite some not-so gentle persuasion. Beware of this if you want to change the cooler at some won't come off. I can only assume the paste had dried on or that thermal glue was used.
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Most Recent Comments

17-08-2007, 17:22:49

The first thing I thought was, Ouch...

That's a nice review kemp, and i'm pretty surprised by it.Quote

17-08-2007, 20:00:45

Originally Posted by name='MikeEnIke'
The first thing I thought was, Ouch...

That's a nice review kemp, and i'm pretty surprised by it.
Surprised at the performance?Quote

17-08-2007, 20:40:21

Originally Posted by name='Kempez'
Surprised at the performance?
Yea surprised that it kinda sucks... a bit upset poor AMD lolQuote

20-08-2007, 05:50:36

Mr. Smith
They suck hard.

Shame really.

Edit: I'd just like to add this came as no supise considering this whole 2900 fiasco. This generation of gfx card ahs been a failure for AMD.Quote

20-08-2007, 16:28:58

I agree

And it makes me a sad panda

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