XFX 780i SLI Motherboard


Input/Ouput Panel
The I/O panel on the XFX 780i SLI provides a decent amount of connectivity with:
* PS/2 Mouse connector
* PS/2 Keyboard connector
* Firewire port
* 6 x USB ports
* Digital Optical out
* 5.1 surround sound analogue output
* Dual Gigabit LAN
IO panel
It feels like there's something missing, perhaps an e-SATA port or two and maybe coax out and optical in for an SP-DIF pass-though, but these are all add-ons that add extra money onto the board and not everyone is going to have them on their wish-list.
XFX have gone with the Pheonix AwardBIOS for their 780i BIOS configuration which isn't too bad to navigate around, although you do have to remember that the overclocking settings are in the "Advanced Chipset features".
BIOS main page
Adjustment wise the useful settings are:
OptionAvailable Range
CPU Multiplier
x6 - x50
FSB Frequency
400-2500 (keyable 1mhz steps, quad pumped)
PCI-E Frequency
100-150mhz (1mhz steps)
RAM Frequency400-2600 (Keyable - 1mhz steps)
There's a whole load of options in there, plenty enough for even the most extreme enthusiast to rave about.
OptionAvailable Range
CPU Voltage
0.5v-1.8v (0.0500v steps)
1.2v-1.5v (0.1v steps)
Memory Voltage1.8v-2.5v (0.25v steps)
nForce SPP1.3v-1.55v
nForce MCP
nForce SPP<-->MCP
nForce MCP Auxiliary
CPU VTT Voltage1.2v-1.55v
GKTVREF (Lanes 0-3)+0mv - +160mv
BIOS voltage  BIOS volts
BIOS volts  BIOS volts
BIOS volts  BIOS volts
BIOS volts  BIOS memory testing
BIOS fan control
As you can see there's a large amount in this BIOS. The only disappointing voltage adjustment I thought was the memory topping out at 2.5v, although for insurance purposes I have to say that any more than that will make your RAM implode and Nvidia will come and get you....probably.
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Most Recent Comments

31-01-2008, 16:25:23

XFX always do have lovely bundles..

Looks like the 780i isn't what was expected with the overclocking..Quote

31-01-2008, 16:26:10

Well 3600ish is OK, remember it is chip and cooling dependentQuote

31-01-2008, 16:59:51

Hi guys!

First visit to the website to read your review was pretty informative!

I know that the P35 chipsets work well with the new (not so new now I guess) Intel Quads and the ATI/AMD Radeon cards. You stated earlier that for the sake of uniformity that you'd use the Radeon card. I personally believe that because of this the board wasn't shown in fairness to the other boards. Being an Nvidia chipset, would it have not been wiser to use a similar performing card to the Radeon?



31-01-2008, 17:07:36

A graphics card should not perform any differently in theory under different chipsets. We don't use an Intel card

A "similar performing" card wouldn't perform the same and numbers wouldn't be comparable I'm afraid. Plus using an Nvidia card could also be construed as bias too so we use the same card for all boards.

I do understand your point but we try to make sure every review item is looked at as fairly as possible so we have to decide on one card to use, and this time around we went for an ATI X1950 Pro

EDIT: And welcome Quote

31-01-2008, 18:05:40

A great read tbh. It is very true that XFX spend time on their packaging for all their products. (I have an XFX badged raid card, as well as the obvious, and it`s evident there too)

I know Kemp has something up his sleeve regarding a sli testing, I can sense it in the air

The sli has to be a big deciding factor in leaning towards these 780i boards (not to state the obvious).

So will it`s `good` to `nearly as good as` performances in other departments stand it in good stead.

Since I`m not a convinced SLI supporter, it`d be easy for me to not suggest these 780i boards to people - however, if their SLI performance is as good as proposed, u`d have to take them seriously and not just for the benchmark chasers.

Dissapointed with the audio outputs, would like to have seen eSata ports, but can understand why they were omitted.Quote

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