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After the conclusion of our review of The Computer Council's (TCC) - Clocked Gamer Quad system, TCC took our constructive criticism of their website onboard and subsequently have revamped many aspects and features of the original site. TCC were so happy with the revamp that they asked us to revisit the site to have a look at the changes. The more notable changes we have listed below with some comments:
A Complete redesign of the site
TCC have made a lot of changes to the overall feel of the site as well as the inclusion of a more refined and professional look. The site is uncluttered and looks really sleek. I found my way around the website very easily and the inclusion of images for their popular 'base' models makes shopping considerably less painful, especially if you're in two minds as to what you want.
TCC website outlay header TCC webite outlay footer
Sytem configuration has also received a welcome revamp with a plethora of new configuration options.
Online System Builder
The Computer Council has added a bespoke "online configurator" for ordering, scrapping the low-tech drop down menu system in favour of a much improved online system builder. Nice touch TCC! Using the Clocked Gamer Quad system that we reviewed, if you click on the 'Configure/Buy' link on the right hand side of the image you will be taken to the revised configurator.
Configurator top Configurator middle
Configurator bottom
It is certainly obvious that The Computer Council has made some considerable efforts to allow better user configuration of their base model. However, there are still some restrictions that I would like to see addressed. As the configurator stands, it doesn't allow for movement over the: Intel Q6600; Abit IP35 Pro XE motherboard, nor the Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro CPU cooler. To facilitate a better shopping experience, The Computer Council could look at including some alternatives to the abit motherboard and Arctic Freezer 7 Pro given the volume of better performing alternatives out there.
At the time of going to press, The Computer Council had made a serious effort in addressing the issues I alluded to above by stating that:
"If customers want something different i.e. a system configuration that we don't have on the site, we'll spec and price a custom build for them."
Now that's what we want to hear - increased configuration of the system you want to purchase. Well done TCC for going that extra mile for the customer.
Increased Product Range
Previously product choices were fairly limited and this was an issue that TCC wholeheartedly agreed upon. The site now has an extended system and product add-on selection, with the latest hardware being added all the time. The new Nvidia 260/280 GTX range are the most recent additions with 4870 X2s on the way soon.
increased Graphics card configuration
An increased product range and the ability to have hardware spec'd and quoted for is a total winner as far as we're concerned.
Streamlined payment processing
Streamlined payment processing is now available courtesy of TCC's SSL enabled secure server. Previously Paypal & Google Checkout were relied upon for customers to make a purchase. This meant customers having to sign up for the relevant account at the end of the order process. This has been replaced with direct & integrated secure credit/debit card payment at checkout, resulting in a much quicker and easier payment process.
Shopping cart
There's no denying the effort that The Computer Council has made to making the configuration and purchase process so much better. The sleek and professional look of their website is further testament  to TCC's effort in making the whole experience of purchasing a quality PC an enjoyable one. Quite often it is hard to swallow criticism even when it's intentions are constructive, but The Computer Council has taken it on the chin and made some impressive additions and changes to their site as a result. Kudos to The Computer Council, and thanks for allowing us the opportunity to visit your revamped website.
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Most Recent Comments

24-04-2008, 15:04:23

Nice review there, I like what you've done comparing it to a stock system. Really shows what a good O/C can do for performance.

Respect to TCC, nice rig with a great, sensible spec. It shocks me how some companys fool nubs with the stupid sales tricks by throwing in "extreme dx10 gaming with sli" with poorer cards such as a pair 8600's when a much better single card solution is a mere £30~£40 more. Good call on the psu aswell, I'd be horrified to buy a high end rig with a cheapy psu in it.

Cheers for the read Quote

24-04-2008, 15:54:38

Nick R
Does this mean there will be more full PC reviews?

I agree with what you said about the website as well, it just lacks the right feel.Quote

24-04-2008, 16:16:09

looks like a good system, personally, i wouldnt give up the fun of building my own for a prebuilt, even if it does have such a nice spec, and an overclock, but its gotta be good for beginers, or gamers who dont wanna know about hardware...Quote

24-04-2008, 16:27:52

Cheers for the feedback guys

This is indeed the first in what will hopefully be a fairly long line of system reviews. We've got some gaming notebook reviews coming up soon, so look out for those.

But as always, we're not gonna slacken off on the cutting edge hardware reviews Quote

24-04-2008, 17:03:00

Fantastic Jim!

Seems we have found another good contact.Quote

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