OcUK Intel Core i5 750 Overclocked Bundle


Upon looking at the results, you'd be hard done by to pick out any flaws in the bundle itself. It functioned straight out of the box without any fuss, passed 16 hours of stability testing and performed considerably faster than the same at default clock frequencies. Buying an Overclockers UK Overclocked Bundle guarantees that none of the components are dead on arrival and that they are completely compatible with each other. Effectively, you'd be paying for a product and a service. This of course comes at a price...
As a matter of fact, all of this comes in at a rather hefty price. Overclockers UK have planted a premium of roughly £120 for their Overclocking services. While some might be able to justify the higher price tag for assurance, we cannot help but feel that it's a little too steep. The plot thickens when another one of their bundles featuring an Intel Core i5 750 processor overclocked to 4.00GHz and with the superior (and more expensive) Gigabyte P55 UD5 Motherboard costs exactly the same. Simply put, there is no reason to choose this bundle over it's 4.00GHz brother and so we believe that it's pricing should be reconsidered. I would also like to point out that any prospective customer of this item should consider how important the extra CPU clockspeed might be for their needs. Particularly from a gaming perspective, many of today's (and upcoming) hits are GPU intensive to the extent that even a 933MHz processor overclock may not have a significant impact on performance. At any rate, I don't believe that such a bundle is worthwhile if the buyer in question will be sacrificing part of their graphics card budget, where gaming is concerned.
It shall be interesting to see how well Overclockers UK's customer services handle any potential problems that may arise from an overclocked bundle. One would hope however that the extent of the processor's testing duration as well as a helpful and friendly group of technicians should mean that this should never be a problem. Much like our review of OcUK's Titan Goliath Gaming Desktop, the Core i5 750 Overclocked bundle offers a zero hassle solution for those that don't care for shedding blood, sweat and tears on CPU Overclocking. Without doubt, with the right graphics card, power supply unit and hard disk drives, this particular bundle would be the perfect base for a high performance, "bang per buck" machine.
We contacted OCUK about our pricing concerns and this is the reply we got from them:
Your observations on the 2 seperate systems retailing at the same price is very well founded. As we completely value reviewers opinions, the decision has been made to reduce the 3.6ghz i5 system price by £75.
We were very pleased to have received such a swift and effective response, which has resulted in a price drop to £424.99 from the previously marketed £499.99. The updated pricetag is much more palatable and with an overall premium of £43.04 for guaranteed compatability and a substantial overclock, we feel that this bundle will suit the needs of many prospective customers. Great work Overclockers UK!
The Good
 - Excellent Performance
- Stable Overclock From Box
- Quiet
The Mediocre
- None
The Bad
- None
We would like to thank Overclockers UK for supplying their Intel Core i5 750 Overclocked Bundle for review. You can discuss your thoughts about this system in our forums.
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Most Recent Comments

30-11-2009, 16:00:49

Nice work there! Good to see the reaction from Ocuk coming back positive too.

Good they also pre loaded the bios settings and saved them. Ok the time and effort required involved to get a stable, assured overclock and one they will back up with a warranty deserves a premium to be paid and obviously this will affect profit margins but once this has been achieved, flash the bios off a USB stick and jobs done.

Well done Ocuk I say. ( never thought I hear myself say that! How times change )Quote

30-11-2009, 16:36:25

I was always told there were 10 types of people in the world and neither think the joke about binary is funny

Good to see Overclockers responding so fast.

Loving the Ultraviolet avatar btw LasherQuote

30-11-2009, 16:54:21

Thanks for sharing that, great to see awesome results working out-the-box! Specially cause its aircooled.

Great Review Guys!Quote

30-11-2009, 18:30:59

That looks very interesting. I would love to buy such a setup but that cooler is huge. I have an AKASA EVO on my CPU at the moment and I had to take the side fan off my case for the cooler to fit. That cooler with that bundle looks like its even bigger so it might not fit in my case. Still I might consider buying such a bundle from them some time next year.Quote

30-11-2009, 18:35:56

Hi Steve,

What case have you got?Quote

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