Unigine Valley


Unigine Valley

Unigine is always a blend of GPU and CPU performance, so it's not a surprise to see the two Z97s almost inseparable in both of our 1440P tests.


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11-05-2014, 04:21:27

Awesome looking board, it's the only Z97 mobo apart from the Giga Z97 SOC that I actually like the look of. Shame about the performance, although it does seem abnormal low in places so my bet is on the BIOS not being up to scratch, which will no doubt be fixed.
I'm looking forward to seeing how the Devils Canyon Haswell refresh perform on this board though. Quote

11-05-2014, 04:43:14

Really like the looks of this, the yellow and black is just a nice change from the usual red and black. The BIOS... yeah, well... still enough time to get it fixed in time for Devil's Canyon.
But the fixed barbs man, really... iirc Asus had those on the Z77 Maximus V Formula TWO GENERATIONS AGO. They fixed it for the Z87 Maximus VI Formula, and MSI STILL don't get it right for Z97? Massive fail, very disappointing Quote

11-05-2014, 05:56:45

Whole heartedly agree with Tom and the other posters, the barbs on the chipset heatsink is a massive design faux pas. The chipset heatsink on the Z87 (so probably the Z97 too) get pretty hot when cooling the regs for an overclocked CPU and the PLX chip when controlling two top end graphics cards. MSI obviously recognises this by giving the option of watercooling, but fail on the execution. It does give third party's the opportunity to offer alternative water cooling blocks, but at an added cost to the buyer.

I'm glad they've moved the location of the GO2BIOS button, but they should have really made it a bigger purpose built button like the power on and discharge buttons. I used the GO2BIOS button alot while setting up my Z87 XPower, the problem being is that you're frequently in Windows wanting the system to go to the bios when you restart - so the system is on. That means sticking your hand/finger in your case while it's powered and having to be pretty accurate that you press it. This can be a bit awkward depending on your case. Don't use a screwdriver!

The POST LEDs - I think they may be displaying the current temperature of the CPU? If so, it's not a bad feature!

Unrelated to the Z97 MPower...

- 4.9GHz at 1.26v is pretty impressive.
- Those grey/silver psu cables are starting to grow on me.
- The sound throughout the review is a bit uncomfortable, the stereo positioning is a bit out of whack.

Cheers for the review!Quote

11-05-2014, 07:40:55

I completely agree that the 3/8" barbs are tragic and that for every possible scenario it would be better to have G1/4" threads, even for the air coolers and people who want 3/8" barbs, they need that choice at least.

But saying it would be worse with just no water cooling capability at all is a bigger statement. I completely agree that's why I reside here at OC3D and watch the videos. However i'm not sure many other reviewers or consumers will agree with that statement, most people out there who just throw parts together will just think that more features is more features and count it as a positive point without realizing how dumb it is. Not because they are dumb but just because their priorities are different. So I don't mean this as a criticism of the review, infact it's closer to praise because that is the angle I take on things. But i'm just trying to say some people might be like wtf how could less features be better.


11-05-2014, 09:05:34

First of all, nice review. Not a generation for me, but nice to see steps forward, and implemention of new storage controllers.

Secondly, it's amazing the manufactures still hasn't learned. Aren't they reading any forums at all. Evry time they integrate water cooling possibilities in their heatsinks, the response is the same. We want G1/4 threads and plugs, so we can choose our own fittings.

Now, MSI, ASUS, Gigabyt, EVGA and who else is out there, repeat after me: "from now on, we will give our WC-heatsinks G1/4 threads, and supply them with plugs matching the heatsinks" -for the love of god, IT IS TIME TO LEARN THIS!!!Quote

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