MSI Ryzen X370 XPOWER Gaming Titanium Review

Introduction and Technical Specifications

MSI X370 XPOWER Gaming Titanium Review


We did our overview of the MSI X370 Titanium when we first looked at the Zen architecture and you can catch up with our thoughts, and the huge feature list of the Titanium, by clicking these magic red words. Although we know that some of you, for reasons that we don't understand, like all your information in a single form, and so just for you lazy people we'll also give you the specifications table and our original preview video. Don't say we aren't kind to our loyal audience.

MSI X370 XPOWER Gaming Titanium Review  
MSI X370 XPOWER Gaming Titanium Review

MSI X370 XPOWER Gaming Titanium Review 

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Most Recent Comments

24-04-2017, 15:51:28

I have been waiting for this, I have been having nothing but problems with this board. I have a 1700 with some Corsair Platinum CMD16GX4M2B3000C15

I am getting 34 idle and 67 on load at stock settings. Had to reapply aftermarket paste because I was getting 42 and 72. Running Ryzen Power Balance Plan with X370 XPower Gaming Titanium (MS7A31) Bios : 1.40. Stock cooler no overclock.

Tried using the XMP profiles to overclock the ram but no post, also tried setting timings and voltage manual nothing over stock will post.

I haven't tried overclocking the processor because the temps I been getting at stock seems like what others are reporting with a overclock. Waiting for your overclock guide as I'd like to try and push my system a bit but currently don't have the experience to get anything working correctly.Quote

25-04-2017, 07:05:48

Hobby Gamer
TT, thanks for the review.
It definitely comes down to hardware features, UEFI features, and looks now. (And still somewhat to DDR4 compatibility with a few motherboards.)

P.S. You have MPOWER all over the place. Text and diagram images. It was really confusing at first, because I have XPOWER in my head and looking at results with only MPOWER.

EDIT: I'm still contemplating waiting for the rumoured 12-core and 16-core Ryzen CPUs and possibly a 16-core Naples. With 48 PCI-e 3.0 lanes to the CPU and X399 chipset and SP3r2 socket. Because just 16 PCI-e 3.0 lanes to the CPU for GPUs is currently the deal breaker for me. But all that depends on cost though (as always). My use is not gaming.Quote

25-04-2017, 08:28:12

Originally Posted by Hobby Gamer View Post
Because just 16 PCI-e 3.0 lanes to the CPU for GPUs is currently the deal breaker for me. But all that depends on cost though (as always). My use is not gaming.
Even if it isn't gaming, you will still be perfectly fine.Quote

28-04-2017, 12:57:11

Hobby Gamer
Originally Posted by NeverBackDown View Post
Even if it isn't gaming, you will still be perfectly fine.
No I'm not.

Ryzen has no built-in GPU. It has just 16 PCI-e 3.0 lanes across 2 PCI-e 3.0 x16 slots.

A minimum of 32 PCI-e 3.0 lanes across 4 PCI-e 3.0 x16 slots (4 times x8) would be what I need. Not even counting in NVM-e, M.2, etc.
EDIT: To be honest, even the x4 slot going to the X370 chipset would be plenty for the Android X86 virtual machine.

I need 4 graphics cards (3 if Ryzen had a built-in GPU) for hardware passthrough to virtual machines on Linux KVM + QEMU + IOMMU + VFIO + Synergy (by Symless). Each virtual machine gets its own dedicated graphics card (proper GPU drivers have to be installed in the virtual machine), its own dedicated memory, its own dedicated USB ports, etc.

Or in other words :
Running a web design and development testlab with Linux, Windows, OS X, and Android x86 hardware virtualised and simultaneously on one box. Multiple monitors with the 2 40" 4K monitors each displaying the output of two OS'es side-by-side in PBP mode. I make changes in my editor on the 25" 1440p monitor. When I save everything is automatically synced to all open browsers on all OS'es.
(And also to the test devices (smartphones and tablets) connected through Wi-Fi to the modem/access-point.)

To give you a idea, it's a setup similar to this :
Check the photo with this description below it : "Synchronized URL testing across 27+ devices".

I know exactly what I need.

I can't take photos of my current setup now because I'm redecorating at the moment. (Bought an old flat with lots of deferred maintenance. Also all woodwork has to be replaced.) And it's going much slower than the 6 months I anticipated. You can see the mess in the background of some of the pictures I posted here. Most of my gear is at Shurgard now. And I rented a shoe box office for the time being which is just too small for a compete setup. Plus I don't want to risk theft. :

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