MSI P7N SLI Platinum 750i based motherboard


Input/Ouput Panel
IO on the P7N SLI Platinum is a very well specced and nicely balanced affair. We have:
* 1 x PS/2 Keyboard port
* 1 x PS/2 Mouse port
* 1 x Firewire port
* 1 x Optical digital in
* 2 x e-SATA ports
* CMOS reset button
* 4 x USB 2.0 ports
* Gigabit LAN port
* Analogue 7.1 Sound ports
io panel
This is a decent selection of oputputs for this level of board and you should be fine connecting most of the things you need to.
MSI have gone with an American Megatrends Incorporated BIOS for the P7N SLI Platinum. This has a slightly different feel than the Phoenix Award BIOS we most commonly see on boards but it's not necessarily a bad thing.
main menu
All of the overclocking features are in the "Cell" Menu. Here we can see the following adjustments:
OptionAvailable Range
CPU Multiplier
x6 - x50
FSB Frequency
400-2500 (keyable 1mhz steps, quad pumped)
PCI-E Frequency
100-150mhz (1mhz steps)
RAM Frequency400-1400mhz (Keyable - 1mhz steps)
cell menu  cell menu
cell menu
cell menu
Aside from the top end of the RAM frequency being slightly low for an enthusiasts board, the adjustments are all of the one's you'll normally see here. The RAM timings are pretty solid allowing (in my opinion) just the right amount of options and not getting too detailed.
The BIOS isn't as extensive as the one you'll see on, say a DFI Lanparty LT X38 T2R but it does it's job as you will see later on in the review.
OptionAvailable Range
CPU Voltage
STOCK 1.3v-1.6875v (0.0500v steps)
1.2v-1.7v (0.1v steps)
Memory Voltage1.8v-3.1v (0.25v steps)
NorthBridge Voltage1.3v-1.75v
SouthBridge Core Voltage
bios voltages  bios shots
BIOS shots  BIOS shots voltage
BIOS shots voltage
The range of voltage adjustments is again smaller than on other boards, but the amount you can adjust the voltages is more than adequate.
Overall, the BIOS on the MSI P7N SLI Platinum is excellent and does what you need for overclocking, just don't expect pages upon pages of options.
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Most Recent Comments

18-02-2008, 06:28:41

Nice review mate and a decent board to boot!

Now all that MSI need to do is remove Zippy, Bungle and George from the "board colour scheme" team, and they'll have a perfect board

Seriously tho...surprisingly decent OC results from an Nvidia chipset.Quote

18-02-2008, 06:40:32

Yes, i mean thats better than the 780i boards which are a 'better' chipset..Quote

18-02-2008, 08:58:56

That is some serious overclocking results.. I mean it beat the others by quite a chunk! Also the 0% CPU utilization was quite impressive.Quote

18-02-2008, 09:16:08

Great review.

I`m still feeling these 780 boards are `good` without being great.

Some excel with something in 1 area and lose something in another, all very minimally. But appear solid.

Like to see an SLI vS CF of the `best` of the 780i`s vS the `best` 35/38. From a gaming pov, be pretty interesting. All the same stuff cept the gfxcards, that perhaps are close as single cards maybe.

With the prices tho, I don`t think u can turn ur nose up at them.Quote

18-02-2008, 09:19:01

if they combined that boards performance and features with the DFi black and green colour scheme, you'd be onto a winner

performs sweet though Quote

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