Intel X79 Core i7 4960X Review


Intel X79 Core i7-4960X Review


The i7-4960X die has undergone a huge shrink. The Sandy Bridge-E i7-3960X CPU was on a 32nm process and not only measured a fairly whopping 435mm2 but had an barely believable 2.2 billion transistors. The i7-4960X Ivy Bridge-E follows the LGA1155 Ivy Bridge in moving to a 22nm process which has almost halved the die size down to 257mm2 and reduced the number of transistors to a still huge 1.86 billion. Otherwise the design is similar with the L3 cache surrounded by the cores, with the IMC and I/O at the top and bottom respectively.

Support for PCI Express 3.0 comes with a whopping 40 lanes. You could run 2 GTX780s and a monster RAID card without compromising the bandwidth to either of them. If anything it's the chipset that's still slightly disappointing as the USB 2.0 ports and SATA 3Gb/s ports have long since been superseded on the Z87. We know that Intel haven't released a new chipset today so it wont detract from our thoughts on the CPU, but as the i7-4960X is finally up to date it shows how far behind the chipset is, especially for an ultra-high-end product.

Intel X79 Core i7-4960X Review     Intel X79 Core i7-4960X Review  

As always with a new CPU architecture, or at least a new process and some tweaks, there are a few extra models that have come along with the main model. The i7-4960X is the top of the range, at a pretty hefty $999 which should equate to around the £500 mark. Below that is the version that replaces the excellent 3930K and then there is a quad-core, the i7-4820K. Similarly to the 3960/3930 and, for older readers, the Q6600/Q8400, the middle one is only a multiplier adjustment away and yet around half the price so it should be the one everyone gravitates towards. 

For extreme overclockers there is some extra multiplier headroom as well as potential to adjust the BCLK, should you so desire. Alongside real-time overclocking and the reduction to a 22nm process, this should give us a big boost to our overclocks.

Intel X79 Core i7-4960X Review     Intel X79 Core i7-4960X Review  

Demonstrating that the i7-4960X is a refinement rather than a revolution, Intel expect us to achieve around a 5% improvement over the i7-3960X. Of course that's what we're here to test, so enough with the preamble let's crack on.

Intel X79 Core i7-4960X Review  

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Most Recent Comments

03-09-2013, 02:58:04

oh snap!! insanely awesome review incoming....Quote

03-09-2013, 03:30:54

These results made me laugh, reminds me of amd going backwards in performance lol.
I only wonder why did they bother spending money to release this cpu,does the x79 provide that many benefits over 2011? other than that its waste of time money,unless people actually gonna buy this just because its new lols
Whoever gonna buy this is not going to care about little power savings at all.

Anyway awesome review as always Quote

03-09-2013, 03:35:22

Originally Posted by redline92 View Post
does the x79 provide that many benefits over 2011?
2011 is the socket on a x79 chipset motherboard Quote

03-09-2013, 03:36:27

Afaik x79 has always utilized the LGA2011 socket.

I think redline92 is mixing his z's and x's, meaning he's prolly talking about z87 vs x79 ? Right ?Quote

03-09-2013, 03:43:34

Any reason why these cpus are kicking out such low temps at high voltages compared to there little brothers ??

Nice review again TTL, keep em flowing.....Quote

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